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Looking for Ancestor information from Grodno Poland during WWII

wcmarks 1 | 1
24 May 2019 #1
I am looking for information about my mother's family during WWII. Her name was Weronika Czekonowska, her Father's name was Dymitr Czekonowski and her Mother's maiden name was Anna Wolykowska. She was the sole survivor from her family and was sent to a forced labor camp in Germany. I believe it was called Schneidemühl. I don't have a lot of information as my mother never wanted to talk about it. I am looking for any leads that may help me. Thank you in advance.
28 May 2019 #2
Have you tried the German-based records?
kaprys 2 | 1,880
28 May 2019 #3
Scheidemuhl is the German name of the Polish town Piła. There was a labour camp there.

Try your luck with the ITS - International Tracking Service or the Arolsen Archives. In the first case give all the information you have to help them find her records. In the second case, some records are available online so check if your family is there.
OP wcmarks 1 | 1
28 May 2019 #4
Thank you so much for this information. My father went back to the site in the 1970's, but he always called it Scheidemuhl. You have given me some hope. Thank you again. Walter Marks

Thank you for the hint.

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