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Pilipczuk, Mankowski(a), Demusiak, Molczan...HELP PLEASE

tessapilipczuk 9 | 14
7 Jan 2007 #1
Hi,My name is Tessa Pilipczuk and i have been researching my polish family tree for a long time now.My grandfather was called LEON PILIPCZUK born in 1923(roughly).He had a brother called SERGIUSZ(or spelt Sergij) PILIPCZUK born 23-06-1913,Their mother was called ZOFIA MANKOWSKA,she married MAKSYM PILIPCZUK in 1910(approx).ZOFIA was born in Rakolupy,Chelm.Maksym was born in OSTROW.

I think ZOFIA's mother was called JULIA MOLCZAN and ZOFIA's father was called TEODOR MANKOWSKI.MAKSYM PILIPCZUK's mother was called MAGDALENA DEMUSIAK and MAKSYM's father was called JAN PILIPCZUK. I have been told that there IS files/information on my polish family in an ORTHODOX church in BONCZA?IF anyone can help me then please e-mail ,please ask your parents/grandparents if they know of any names.E-mail me with ANY information about the surnames or if you live near the ORTHODOX church in boncza and feel you can help me then please contact me as i have army papers and birthdates etc.Thankyou for your time and reading this message.Tessa:)

Merged:ZOFIA PILIPCZUK AND MAKSYM PILIPCZUK - how many brothers/sister my gramp (born Chelm) had?

:) :)Ok,hi. I have been researching my polish family for a long time now and was wondering HOW can i find out how many children my great-grandmother had?i know 2 names(1 being my grandfather and the other his brother)and i know she had a daughter(my gramps sister),but her name is unknown.I know WHERE my g-grandmother was born and possibly the year?who do i write to?is there microfilms or anyone who can help.....thank you for reading this,with love,Tessa xx
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
7 Jan 2007 #2
I don't know, maybe some church's files.
7 Jan 2007 #3
Well, my great-grandmother's maiden name was Pilip. I don't know if it's possible a connection exists with your Pilipczuk family. She was born as Helen B. Pilip on February 12, 1888 in Lubno, Dynow, Poland. Her father was Wojciecha "Albert" Pilip, and her mother was Katarzyny "Katherine" Urbaniak/Urbanek/Urbanik. Does any of this seem familiar?
OP tessapilipczuk 9 | 14
9 Jan 2007 #4
Merged: Death camps in Poland? ZOFIA PILIPCZUK (MANKOWSKA)

Hi,I have been researching my polish family tree and was wondering if anyone knew how i could find out IF my great grandmother died at a concerntration camp in poland?Her name was ZOFIA PILIPCZUK(MANKOWSKA before she married).My grandfather left his mother in poland to join the war and never seen her after that.Is there anywhere or anyone who could help me find out how and when she died.Thankyou for your time,Tessa xx
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
9 Jan 2007 #5
Maybe here ?
OP tessapilipczuk 9 | 14
14 Jan 2007 #6

WHY,WHY, there loads of information for people finding out if their JEWISH family died in concentration camps in poland but there is NOTHING for non-jewish.I am trying to find out how my great-grandparents died;ZOFIA PILIPCZUK AND MAKSYM PILIPCZUK,who were ORTHODOX from chelm.But,i cant find no information or address to write to, so i can find this out?does anyone know?thankyou,tessa xx
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
14 Jan 2007 #7
This might be better off in the genealogy thread.
OP tessapilipczuk 9 | 14
25 Apr 2007 #8
Today, 11:59 - Attached on merging:
mankowska pilipczuk


Merged: Pilipczuk - ORTHODOX church in Rakolupy - Chelm, Lublin

Hi,i have been researching my family tree for a long time now.I found out my grandfather and his brother belonged to the ORTHODOX CHURCH IN RAKOLUPY!I was wondering if the church is still there and if anyone knows what it looks like?Also,my grandfather attended a school in Hordysko from 1930-1932 ,does anyone know how i can get a picture of what it looked like?Thanks alot for any help,Tessa Pilipczuk:-)
horunPoland - | 109
20 Jun 2007 #9
it should be RAKO£UPY i think this is smal city or village about 20 km from Chełm

try this link and try to find the biggest building RAKO£UPY MA£E and RAKO£UPY DUŻE could also be that place which you are looking for
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
20 Jun 2007 #10
Rakołupy 35
22-122 Leśniowice

This is the adress of some church there, but looks like this is a catholic church built in 80's. The one you are asking about was probably destroyed during WW2 or soon later by the commies.
sjam 2 | 541
17 Jan 2009 #11
how i could find out IF my great grandmother died at a concentration camp in Poland?

If you haven't done so already you should make contact the which has access to the International Tracing Service (at Bad Arolsen) archives which hold the survived records of millions of concentration camp victims. But you should be aware that a significant number (in some cases as much as 80%) of concentration camp records were destroyed by the SS camp authorities ahead of the Soviet and western allied forces liberation of the camps, so you may never find out a conclusive answer.

The other situation be be aware of is that it could take an age to get a reply before the USHMM gained access to the ITS records I had to wait almost 2 years for a definitive reply via Polish Red Cross and ITS.

You could also try searching the KARTA Foundation who have an online searchable database 'Index of the Repressed' ?

Good luck with your research!
fadows0773 1 | 8
17 Jan 2009 #12
I also tried the USHMM but I have had no joy yet but if I find anything on my travels I will pass it on.

Good Luck.
OP tessapilipczuk 9 | 14
10 Jun 2013 #13
Merged: Translation - Labor camp certificate

Hi,I'm hoping someone can help me! I have been sent these copies of a certificate! When my grandfather was captured in 1941 from his home in Chelm, Lublin he was sent to a forced labor camp,chopping wood along with his brother in siberia!!Now his name was Leon pilipczuk and his brother was called sergiusz pilipczuk but as these certificates are written in russian-I'm having some trouble translating them!! Would anyone be able to translate them or help!!!? They may give me no information but thought it would be worth asking on here!!:) kind regards,tessa

Paulina 12 | 2,232
10 Jun 2013 #14
I'll try to translate this, but I don't know when, maybe tomorrow or some time later (if noone does it before me).
Btw, could you scan this document? It would probably be easier to decipher the printed stuff then.
10 Jun 2013 #15
This is a release document/travel permit and looks like it was issued 4 September 1941 after the "amnesty". It was issued by the NKVD and allowed travel to a given place.You should go to

they have lots of examples of these documents and can help you find out more about your family and their exile to Siberia etc. There is even a virtual museum.
11 Jun 2013 #16
This is as fpcuk said a certificate/travel permit issued by NKVD for Sergey Maksimovich Pilipczuk [Sergiusz (son of Maksym or Maksymilian) Pilipczuk] born in 1913 in village Rakołupy, voivodeship Lublin.
OP tessapilipczuk 9 | 14
11 Jun 2013 #17
Thank you all so much for any help!! I also have a certificate in my grandfathers name-Leon pilipczuk! I was contacted and told Before their release, they were kept in Novosibirska oblast (district Novosibirsk, Tegulbiiskoie

Raiotdelenie). Does anyone have any information regarding this place??
Kind regards,tessa

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