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Polish person's average height?

ElvisPresley 1 | 6
9 May 2008 #1
im wondering how tall most polish are on average,most poles i see are pretty tall with most being iver 5 foot 10.
im 5 foot 11 myself so am i considered short for polish descentage?
southern 75 | 7,096
9 May 2008 #2
Ther are no recent measurements.My guess for the younger generation is 167 cm for women and 181-182 cm for men.
bobby 6 | 32
18 May 2008 #3
My grandmother was very short - 1.52cms.
southern 75 | 7,096
23 May 2008 #5
Poles are taller than Russians,Belarussians,Ukrainians,shorter than Czechs,Slovaks and slightly taller than Germans from my observations.
The tallest nations in Europe are
1.The Dinaric Serbs(185 cm on average)
2.The Dutch(185 cm in young men,172 cm in young women)
3.The Swedish,Serbs and Czechs at the same height(183 cm for men,170 cm for women)
4.The Slovaks
5.The Poles(maybe 181-182 cm for men,167 cm for women).
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,897
23 May 2008 #6
Southern? Where did you get your info from?
I have found this:


Average height of 18-25 year old males in selected European countries

Netherlands - 182.35 cm
Denmark - 181.47
Germany - 180.79
Sweden - 179.57
Luxembourg - 179.09
Britain - 178.17
Austria - 178.23
Finland - 178.20
Greece - 176.45
France - 176.41
Ireland - 176.13
Italy - 176.11
Portugal - 173.89
Spain - 173.41

Polson 5 | 1,770
23 May 2008 #7
Southern? Where did you get your info from?

There are no official stats...You may find different average heights, but on the whole, that "ranking" is the same everywhere... Poland was obviously not one of these "selected European countries" ;)
JohnP - | 210
23 May 2008 #8
I don't know. I am 6'2" (almost 188cm) but I'm a mutt if you will and 3rd gen American.
I am only around average, at work. Not sure how I would fit in in Poland (even if I knew the language-right now all I have going for me is the name..)

John P.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
23 May 2008 #9
I don't know. I am 6'2"

thats pretty tall.. my Uncles were tall.. my moms side.. but my dads side
was short.. 5'5

I guess it depends on genes.. :)
southern 75 | 7,096
24 May 2008 #10
Southern? Where did you get your info from?

In wikipedia there is a topic about heights in Europe.However for Poland there appear no data.Dutch recent measurements regard young ages,not the whole population while other measurements have taken place among a limited number of people.

For USA I am sure that the average height for women is 163 cm and for men 176 cm because there are tables for that.
Dinaric Serbs are supposed to be the tallest people in Europe and there is no reason to doubt that.
From my observations Czechs are taller than Germans(except nordic Germans in Hamburg or generally above Koblenz).The average height however of Czechs is bigger than that of Germans and Slovaks are very close to Czechs.

The Poles are definitely shorter than the Czechs but I did not see any substantial difference from Germans.Maybe they are a little shorter(1 cm),the same or a little taller depending on region.(in Poznan they look taller than in Wroclaw for example).

In my opinion the best way to estimate heights are the personals where all heights are mentioned.So you just take some thousands of people and find the average height.

For example if you go to czech personals you will find out that 40% of women are above 170 cm tall,so you can estimate that this is the average height.

If you go to serbian personals you will be surprised how tall the people are.Women 185 cm tall are usual there.
In german personals the heights are definitely lower than in czech personals.
Russian women are for example 20% only above 170 cm.The same with belarus women.So the average is lower.It is about 165 cm.
Ukrainian women are 35% above 170 cm.So they are taller than russian and belarus and close to polish.

Anyway these are just observations.
limegreen 2 | 12
24 May 2008 #11
I`m 3rd generation New Zealander, My dads family came from Poland.
All the photos from his side show the men as slim and over 6foot
I am 5ft5 (average height in NZ). My younger brother is 6ft 3 (looks like my Dad who was 6foot). My son is 6ft and still growing, My daughter is 5ft10 and still growing. So height runs through our family
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,897
24 May 2008 #12
Dinaric Serbs are supposed to be the tallest people in Europe and there is no reason to doubt that.

But I would really like to see a statistic about that...I mean you must have that from somewhere...just curiousity because I've always read the people in the north are taller than the people in the south and the stats I've read so far seem to suppport that.
southern 75 | 7,096
24 May 2008 #13
Here are some heights.

You see a height of 185.6 cm for men among Dinaric Serbs.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,897
24 May 2008 #14
Yes...I know that site...but what about those Dinaric Serbs?
southern 75 | 7,096
24 May 2008 #15
but what about those Dinaric Serbs?

Notice the height of people in Dinaric Alps.These are the Dinaric Serbs.
185.6 cm for men,171 cm for women.

If you notice,the entire population of Germany has height under the average czech, which I had predicted.Young population in Germany may have greater height(181 cm for men) but I am sure that young czech population has greater height than average czech population as well(I suppose 182-183 cm for men).

Also german population height is slightly below polish height which I also predicted.
(of course you can claim that this is largely due to east Germans integration whose height is lower than western Germans'.East Germans' height has actually lowered after 1989 further,so now there is considerable difference between the two parts).
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,897
24 May 2008 #16

I just know that northern Germans are often taller than southern Germans (there is no real difference between East and West though)...
southern 75 | 7,096
24 May 2008 #17
that northern Germans are often taller than southern Germans

Yes,this is obvious.Northern Germans(above Koblenz) probably belong to a race,let's call it nordic which includes all former Hansa cities from my observations.

People in Hamburg,Holland,Estonia,Pommern,south Norway,Sweden have more or less the same height.
lavender278 1 | 2
5 Jun 2008 #18
All of my Grandparents were born in Poland. There is a big variety of physical characteristics on both sides of my POL/AM family. Heights range from 4' 11" to 6' 9"

On my Mom's side there has been at least one person who stands out in a group for at least 5 generations. Natural hair color includes blond, red-head and a variety of browns. Eye color includes blue, green, hazel, and brown. Complexion is generally light, but some have darker. There are more left-handed than average.

My Mom's Parents were both short--he was 5' 5", she 5'. He had a darker complexion, brown eyes & very dark brown hair. Babcia was a blue-eyed blonde.

My Dad's Parents--He was tall for his generation--5' 10", blue-eyed platinum blonde.
She was 4' 11", hazel eyes, & very dark brown hair.
So just in my family there is no stereotype.
Eurola 4 | 1,907
5 Jun 2008 #19
It seem seems like most of the youngsters today grow in width more - not the lenght... :)
5 Jun 2008 #20
most of the youngsters today grow in width more - not the lenght... :)

lol...right :)

in the middle school, i was always the tallest one....but in the high school i was the smallest one... that's how it goes? ;)
rumanu 2 | 15
5 Jun 2008 #21
I am 5'1 (156 cms) so a bit of an outlier there! My babcia's side was pretty short though while my Dziadek was very tall, all my cousins are very tall as well. My sister is very similar height to me while my dad is just short of average height
Eurola 4 | 1,907
5 Jun 2008 #22
I guess, I was (am) a shorty and most girls in Poland and here were (are) taller.
I could be considered a "shrimp". I'm only 5'2". Thank God for high hills :)
5 Jun 2008 #23
My babcia's side was pretty short though while my Dziadek was very tall

the same here! :)

I guess, I was (am) a shorty and most girls in Poland and here were (are) taller.

but see, me and my friends were not as tall as girls are now at the same age we were... i can see the difference...

Thank God for high hills :)

yes, thank you so much!!!! :)

i'm short and slim (probably after my grandma's), but my brother is very tall, has great legs, long eyelashes, thick good colored hair... there is no justice ;) lol
12 Jun 2008 #24
im polish and im 6,1 and my age is 16 my great grandfather was 6,10
16 Jul 2008 #25
In many countries, average heights have increased noticeably over the past century due to better diet, as incomes have risen. Poland is one of them.

Michael K Craig
manuel - | 1
18 Jul 2008 #26
I can tell you Portuguese average is less than 170cm for men and less 160 for women... We are reeaallly short...

I guess the country in europe with more short people...
1 Aug 2008 #27
Spain is not 173,4:
aleksandra000 - | 5
4 Aug 2008 #28
I am 5'6" so i guess that's short. My dad is really tall but my mom is short. Looks like I got my mom's genes :)
Jashiwi - | 16
6 Aug 2008 #29
So, most of the men in Poland are tall?
I am a tall woman, (5 feet, ten inches.) and I was looking-up, out of curiosity of what the average man is in Poland.

I know a few people online, that have told me that there are a few men that they know whom are five feet four inches, in Poland. (I am american, irish decendant.) But, either way I was considered *tall* for my age in America. I am the only tall woman in my family.. all of the other women are short. (five feet to five foot two.)
25 Aug 2008 #30
There are no people called "Dinaric Serbs". There is a region called Dinaric Alps made of parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro and they are the tallest people in Europe. Through centuries people moved out from there to other parts of ex-Yugoslavia including Serbia. The tallest people in ex-Yugoslavia are Montenegrians. Croatians, Bosnians, and Serbians are about the same height. My personal opinion is that men average for younger generation is 180-181cm in those three countries, and 182-183cm in Montenegro. Also, don't believe what people claim on dating, personal sites. People usually claim to be taller than they really are. People usually claim to be, give or take, 2-3cm taller. Personal sites are not true measurement of height.

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