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Looking for Pawel Rutkowski

marko10 1 | 4
30 Dec 2012 #1
Can anyone help me find my nephew Pawel Rutkowski who lived at ul Kazury 6 m 21 in Warsaw about 19 years ago? Letter I wrote never got reply. tnks Nelly M.
rdywenur 1 | 157
8 Jan 2013 #2
I saw your post on another Polish forum and Googled the name and found a few and an address. If you have done so and written then chances are they are not ready to write back. Must be prepared for this. But don't give up. After years of searching just recently found my uncle's family....He spells his name with an i (male) and so did his kids the females should have used the a but did not associate name as being correct except I had a foto and they could not deny it was my uncle their father. They saw a post I left on internet but never wrote back......but did leave a response there so I decided to check Facebook and then a connection was finally acknowledged. the response to post was 2010 and I only ran across my own post 2012 so make sure wherever you write to keep a log so you know where you have been.
OP marko10 1 | 4
9 Jan 2013 #3
Thank you for replying. Yes, I know that he may never write to me but if I don't try every outlet I'd be loosing out on the last link to my family. I don't give up easy. I found my first friends I ever made just by doing research on and off for a year and after 30+ years finally found them. I'm not a quiter and will continue to find Pawel. Thanks again for your reply.
Zazulka 3 | 128
9 Jan 2013 #4
Try nasza klasa.
OP marko10 1 | 4
9 Jan 2013 #5
I can speak polish but I'm terrible in reading it, sorry. What is this website? Can you help me along with instructions?
Zazulka 3 | 128
10 Jan 2013 #6
The website Nasza Klasa is very similar to Facebook (Facebook is also very popular in Poland ...have you tried it to search for your nephew??).

When was Pawel Rutkowski born? I will try to look for him on naszaklasa
OP marko10 1 | 4
10 Jan 2013 #7
I tried FB but not the polish version. Pawel was born 9/26/67. I hope this helps. Thank you for trying to help me find him. I'm a person who doesn't quit and I will keep searching until I find answers. Thank you, Nely
Zazulka 3 | 128
10 Jan 2013 #8
There is only 1 PaweĊ‚ Rutkowski on nasza klasa who is about 44 y old now.
I can send him an email on your behalf but pls take a look first to determine if this is truly him
OP marko10 1 | 4
10 Jan 2013 #9
I'm not sure. But you must remember that my image and pictures I have of him are from 20+ years ago. No telling what he looks like now. I know he had a daughter in the early 1990's I think, I have photos of him and his new family. I would have to find them and maybe post a picture that I have. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to try to ask? Thank you

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