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Looking for Paczosa / Tomkowicz Krosno info

Javey 1 | 2    
12 Mar 2018  #1
Anyone here have much luck searching for records from Poland? I have mailed a letter but not sure I have mailed it to the correct place / parish for my records. I found via genealodzy my great grandparents marriage certificate, which contains the following information:

1876 Katarzyna Tomkowicz / Jozef Paczosa Marriage.
Korczyna Parish
Strona 96 wiek M: 30, wiek z: 21 So Jozef was born in 1846 and Katarzyna was born in 1855.
Miejsce przechowywania ksiag: Archiwum Parafialne (original document holder, parish archives)
Indeks modal: mmaziarski (Who found document)

I then visited and got the address for the parish and sent a letter off with some money for a donation for the parish. Is there any other way to gain access to these records? I can't find a place online where I can find it, have tried the major 4 sites, as well as genealodzy (where I found the certificate) and a few other misc. sites as well. Any help / ideas would be appreciated. I've done everything from DNA matches on 23andme and Ancestry to more advanced sites and can't hardly find any relatives in common on this side of the family.
kaprys 1 | 1,376    
12 Mar 2018  #2
What kind of information/records are you looking for?
Have you checked the pradziad database?
Now that you have sent the letter and money, you can just wait and hope you had the right address and the recipient of the letter is honest and understands English. If they don't, they may just assume it was some sort of donation.

Next time just do it officially. If there's a fee, they'll tell you how much it is and the bank details.
OP Javey 1 | 2    
12 Mar 2018  #3
I am looking for the marriage certificate copy so I can get information off of it in regards to the parents. I typed my letter in polish to the church. I did not try the pradziad database, thanks for the info on that one, can they get copies of church records for Korczyna?
kaprys 1 | 1,376    
12 Mar 2018  #4

If your ancestors were Roman Catholic, the only records found in the state archives from Korczyna (according to Pradziad) are death records from 1868-1898. Click on Korczyna, rzymskokatolickie, zgony. The records are in the Rzeszów branch - the address and the email address are given there. You can email them to ask if they have any other records from Korczyna.

Usually all records that are over 100 years old (counting from the last entry in the church books) are sent to state archives. Sometimes it took decades to fill in a church book so they might be still in the church archives. They might have been lost as well (two war worlds ...).

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