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Orzechowski Coat of Arms/ Family Crest

8 Aug 2007 #1
What are some good websites to find a family crest/ coat of arms?

My last name is Orzechowski, if someone can find one for me that would be awsome

Thank You
22 Nov 2013 #2
Merged: Looking for Henryk Orzechowski from Lopatki

This goes back to the 1950's....I lived in £opatki with my parents, brother and sister and used to ice skate with Henryk Orzechowski (could be spelled wrong) I would like to contact him. My maiden name is Syp and my parents names are Bronisław and Michalina Not sure I can do this in this site.....if not please excuse me. I can be contacted at with any information regarding my quest. Dziękuje. Halinka
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1 Jun 2016 #3
I just found this site:
and according to it the Orzechowski surname may be assigned to the following coats of arms:

You can check every Polish name or if only a heraldic graph is available then the site will show the possible coats of arms - it seems nice search tool.

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