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Originally Lewandowski and Dazinski

annasurma1983 2 | 5
8 Mar 2011 #1
Looking for a family originaLY Lewandowski andDazinski, it was the siblings, who emigrated to the United States in the 30s of the last century. She married Lucian Dazinski. Until the 50s it was maintained contact, have my two pictures, one at the age of 5 years and the second from the Holy Communion with the priest. Later I fell out of touch, looking for their children and grandchildren live in New York. In 2006, he was in Poland Dazinski Jo, who traveled to New York with the Polish January 17, 2006, may be is someone with a family

I am working for a lady who professionally deals with other people searching for family in Warsaw
came to us from the Poland
looking for families who live in the usa-exactly in New York. Lewandowski is a family. family who is looking for these people comes from siedlce- Mr Andrew -tandecki born 22 January 1938 in Warsaw

their fate had treated cruelly during the war and separate the two different continents
please help, maybe an knows these people or is the person which you are looking for
I live in England my contact number 00441642275957
Please contact me
Thank you sincerely
anna trumpet severed ties
Polonius3 983 | 12333
15 Mar 2011 #2
Lewandowski may be pretty hard to track down since there are some 90,000 of them in Poland. You may have better luck with the Dazińskis, of whom there are only a dozen and a half. All but three sparsely inhabit a contiguous area encompassing Toruń, Włocławek, Płock and Warsaw.
OP annasurma1983 2 | 5
21 Mar 2011 #3
hi but i am looking for dazinski in new york:-)
please help me

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