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Re: Obtaining records from Wlodawa

gjene 14 | 204
17 Apr 2012 #1
I am wondering about obtaining marriage records from Wlodawa. I do not know the exact date of marriage or the church. All I know so far is the woman would have been 18 yrs old as of Feb. 1922 and the last name I have for the man she married is Slyzsko. One child of theirs that I am aware of since she is still alive was born in August of 1928.

I can estimate the she would have been married as early as 1920 at the age of 16 and as late as 1925 at the age of 21. My aunt is trying to say that there was a possibility of my grandmother having been married young, but not at what age. I am just trying to go on what I think what would be the youngest age permissible within reason for that time frame that may have happened here in North America as well. And that would be the age of 16. Where would be the best place to go to try and trace where the marriage took place and obtain a copy of said records?

A couple of other clues that I have is that there was another child, (date of birth unknown and was male) and that the lady in question was or may have been of Russian Orhodox faith. The other issue I have from what I have been told from family members is that the grandfather I knew of was her 2nd husband and he apparently had to write to the Catholic church in order to marry my grandmother in 1949 in Germany.

I have inquired through a Catholic church here about the 'divorce' aspect, but without knowing the church in Germany or other matters in that part they (Catholic church) were not able to provide me any assistance as to how or where to write to obtain the necessary papers in regards to the 'divorce' that my grandfather was requesting in order so that he could marry my grandmother. I do have the copy of the marriage certificate for when they got married in Nov. 1949 in Germany. But that is about it so far. I do know that my grandmother was born in the town of Wlodawa in Feb. 1904.
muegre - | 6
26 Jul 2012 #2
If you know where they married in Germany 1949 you can ask the vital record ofice for the so called "Aufgebotsunterlagen", papers they had to hand in, before their marriage. In those documents there has to be something written on the divorce and the first marriage.
26 Jul 2012 #3
Where would be the best place to go to try and trace where the marriage took place and obtain a copy of said records?

Wlodawa town hall would be the obvious place to ask. Most gmina offices in that area seem to have fairly decent amounts of records and, from the times that I've been tracing people out there, the office staff are very willing to help (although you're unlikely to get far trying to communicate only in English). Wlodawa, by the way, is a very nice little town and the area is well worth visiting in spring and early summer (after that the mosquitoes do get a bit tiresome).
OP gjene 14 | 204
27 Jul 2012 #4
To Muegre

I plan on visiting that area again, so I can ask about such paperwork. I do have a copy of their marriage certificate.

To Harry

If I can arrange a transport to visit Wlodawa, then I will have to locate the office and request the paperwork. Otherwise, all I can do is download the appropriate forms in order to request a birth certificate for my grandmother. Right now, I do not have squat 1 in regards to the exact date when her 1st marriage took place or the church. Unless my family is more forth coming with any papers that they have in their possession that might give me clues I am basically s.o.l. on that point. Unless the other clue in Germany might provide something.

27 Jul 2012 #5
If I can arrange a transport to visit Wlodawa

There are lots of buses from Warsaw to Wlodawa, but frankly you'd be better off just hiring a car and driving there.
London - | 3
11 Aug 2012 #6
Hi, I recommend getting a Transmart bus from the new station near the Football Stadium in Warsaw, it's about 38z if you book in advance and takes about 3 1/2 hours.

If you haven't already been to Wlodawa and you need help please message me as I live here and may be able to help.

My Polish isn't great, but if you need someone I can get one of my teachers to help you.

The mosquitoes are bad here, but this year has been really good so far :)

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