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Obtaining Information about Grandfather in World War II

28 Apr 2012 #1
Hello there,

Could anyone advise me about how I might find information relating to my grandfather during the war? I know extremely little, and what I do know might not be altogether accurate. The facts, as I have them, are as follows -

- That my grandfather was in German captivity, but escaped.

- That he was in Soviet captivity and then either escaped or obtained his liberty through the Anglo-Soviet Agreement of 1941 [which is my supposition because my aunt is adamant that he got out of a Soviet work camp. One enduring story is that, whilst there, he was savagely set upon by dogs].

- That he fought with the allied forces [mostly the French if family rumour is to be believed] and served in North Africa at Monte Cassino.

- That he spent a considerable amount of time in [and this is terribly vague] a forest somewhere, possibly as part of the resistance before his capture.

Scant details, I know, but this is all I've had to go on for 30 years. Would anyone be able to tell me if there are any glaring inconsistencies here that I might have overlooked? Escape from two camps always seemed fanciful to me, but I understand that he was quite extraordinary; I do know that he was orphaned at a young age, so probably developed the survivor instinct early.

I tried The MoD in the UK for service records, but they have nothing; I've not found an address for records that might exist in France or Poland.

Any information at all would be gratefully received. Sadly, I've neither a button nor a bootlace to connect me to him, so no insights or lead would be too small.

Thank you in advance
28 Apr 2012 #2
Without further information, i think it will be difficult.I am having a very similar problem with a relative of mine, who i am trying to find information about.If you know his name,rank and regiment then you have a start. Do you have any more info? The wartime memory project is good ( google it) ,but it is a bit like looking through a needle in a haystack.I posted a message on there, expecting to hear nothing back, but got a message from a guy whose father was captured at the same time and place as my relative. You just never know what you might find out. If you have more info jansyn, then pm me, because i look at sites all the time regarding ww2.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,839
28 Apr 2012 #3
served in North Africa at Monte Cassino.

i hate to be pedantic but do you mean AND not at?
OP Jansyn
29 Apr 2012 #4
Thank you both so much for your prompt reply. rozumiemnic, the line is supposed to be 'North Africa and Monte Cassino'; my apologies, I didn't proofread properly.

Unfortunately, Pam, I don't have much more information. His name was Julian Wozniak and he was born in Zielonka, on the outskirts of Warsaw, around 1917. General Anders is a name that was managed by my aunt in connection with his time in the army, but the MoD hold no records about him in Britain. This flummoxed me because I felt sure that he got out of Poland during the early years of the war as a result of the Anglo-Soviet Agreement. I know, of course, that there are so many other possibilities. I will try the Wartime Memory Project, so thank you for making me aware of that. I'll keep persevering.

Best wishes
5 May 2012 #5
My grandfather passed away when I was all but three years old, so I really cant remember much about him. All I have now is his picture from World War II, his seperation papers were burnt in a house fire last year.. His medals and uniforms were stolen from my brothers home. You know, I have been a U.S Marine for nearley 9 years and cant understand anyone stealing, exspecially my papaws uniforms. I do not know much about my papaws deployment out of country exept, he was a pfc, stationed in Germany, he was a medic, andhe was injured somehow and flew out by chopper. He was a recipient of the Purple Heart and other accomidations, but I am not sure exactly what they were. Any information you can help me assertain would begreatly appreciated.

Thank you Jon

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