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Nowa Huta birth records around 1920

Cristie 1 | -
26 Oct 2010 #1
I am looking for a relatives birth certificate believed to be born in Nowa Huta around 1920. Does anyone know whether this is kept in state records or local district churches?
Eurola 4 | 1,909
26 Oct 2010 #2
Nowa Huta

If you mean Nowa Huta town next to Krakow, it did not exist in 1920. The town started to be built in 1949. I'd say you may start from contacting the city records in Kraków.
26 Oct 2010 #3
Nowa Huta was started in 1949 as a separate town near Kraków on terrain resumed by the Communist Government from former villages of Mogiła, Pleszów and Krzesławice.

This area was also a border between Russian and Austria-Hungarian Empires until WWI so you'll need better info on exactly which village your relatives came from.

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