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Monte Cassino + Russian labour camp

tessapilipczuk 9 | 14
16 Jan 2007 #1
Hi,Can anyone help me find any documents about my grandfather.I have recently found out he was in a russian labour camp?How can i find out WHY+what labour camp?He was there untill 1942,he then went to iran,14/8/1942.Then went to monte cassino,Italy,untill 1946. Is it possible to find any information about my grandfather-Leon Pilipczuk and his brother Sergiusz(or spelt sergij) pilipczuk. Where would there mother have gone when they went to russia and Iran then Italy? Any addresses to find things out....please help me,Tessa xx
bolo 2 | 304
18 Jan 2007 #2
I don't know a lot about genealogy, but I'm sure the surname should be spelled like "Filipczuk" (not "Philipczuk") - that may save you some time to do resarch.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
18 Jan 2007 #3

Blitz has alot of information on Russian military and Polish . maybe try them.
OP tessapilipczuk 9 | 14
18 Jan 2007 #4
bolo.My grandfather was POLISH and the poles spell it PILIPCZUK,-that is my surname. I have my grandfathers polish army papers and extracts of birth certificates and it says PILIPCZUK and his mother and brother was also Pilipczuk.He was deported from Poland to Russia and didnt go there by choice so kept his polish surname polish spelling-You are correct,there is different ways of spelling pilipczuk,like ukraine,filipchuk and there is pylypchuk and lots more for different countries, but,as my grandfather and his family were born in POLAND he and his family spelt it PILIPCZUK.Thankyou for reading it and replying though,thanks,Tessa pilipczuk

ps,thankyou both for replying x
18 Feb 2007 #5

Try this site.

They used to have scanned documents from the Polish Red Cross listing thousands of names of those imprisoned in these camps and where they ended up. I found my father's and Grandmother's name in these scanned documents.

This organization is very active in preserving the memory of those imprisoned and exiled. However, I think that they are now having hard times as all of the galleries and documents are now offline.

Hope it helps.
Jan Przeniczny
21 Oct 2007 #6
Try the Sikorski Museum in London google Sikorski Museum London it has now a web site. They can give you all sorts of info.
My father and mother went through these camps, and ended up in Iran/Persia as well

Jan Przeniczny
maksym 2 | 47
25 Oct 2007 #7
This site is in Polish and has information on those deported to Russia, as well as when and where they were arrested, their age , father's name, and fate.
MacKinnon - | 2
29 Oct 2007 #8
If he fought at casino like my father did, thenthere should be some record of him. I think that Polish Combatants Society (SPK)may help.
celinski 31 | 1,258
15 Nov 2007 #9

My Grandfather was in Anders Army in 1942 when the people were granted amnesty. Why we were in Siberia is a book within itself. If you have not joined Kresy-Siberia@ Yahoo groups do so. We have maps, history, lists and a great support.
delyth 1 | 2
10 Nov 2009 #10
trying to find what happened to jadwiga, stefan, stanislaw and marian wiatr. They were children in area44, camp 21 1940 -1947 siberia. please reply to
Eagle20 16 | 119
11 Nov 2009 #11

Hi,Can anyone help me find any documents about my grandfather.I have recently found out he was in a russian labour camp?..........He was there untill 1942,he then went to iran,14/8/1942.Then went to monte cassino,Italy,untill 1946. Is it possible to find any information about my grandfather-Leon Pilipczuk and his brother Sergiusz(or spelt sergij) pilipczuk.

If fought at Monte Cassino try:-

Ministry of Defence,
APC Polish Enquiries,
Building 28B,
RAF Northolt,
West End Road,
HA4 6NG,
Tel: 0208 833 8603
Fax: 0208 833 8866
e-mail: or
12 Dec 2009 #12
My Dad who is 87, was also in a Labour/prison camp in Siberia and later served in Polish army in Iran, Iraq and Monte Cassino. I am trying to find out the name of the camp. Dad is not in best health says it was called Uchta Zemlaga, but I can't find any reference to this name on Internet. Can anyone help with the spelling of this name?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
13 Dec 2009 #13
Can anyone help with the spelling of this name?

try here:

the text mentions forced labour
Nathan 18 | 1,363
13 Dec 2009 #14
Check these:

I also found some Ukhta labor camp 226/4. Maybe, your grandfather will be able to recall the number. There was also Ukhta-Pechora camp.
5 May 2010 #15
Does anyone have any information about camps near Asino - near Tomsk in Siberia. My parents and other relatives made it this far as refugees fleeing the Nazi invasion. They were included in the deal to send about 30,000 Polish soldiers and civilians to join the British 8th Army in the middle east. My parents told me there was a gulag next door to the refugee camp. They watched inmates line up for roll call in the morning and even had some contact with some prisoners. The area was known for lumbering and my parents worked on that while they were there. I would appreciate an email - my addy is henryzab@hotmail.
christopher19 - | 2
31 Aug 2010 #16
Hi Tessa!it is quite impossible to find out what camps your grandafather was.No records were kept in the 2ndPolish Corps in this matter.If your grandfather left Soviet Union inAugust 42 it was definitely soviet ship leaving port KRASNOVODSK on Caspian Sea and arriving to Iranian port Pahlevi.One such ship"Ivan Kaganowitch" left Krasnovods on about August14-16 or about with soldziers and thei nfamilies-if there were any.I was on that ship.We stayed in Pahlevi for some 10-15 days.there were hundredsand hundreds people,ido know how many-men ,wymen and children.From Pahlevi British trucks took us to IRAQ.There are Polish army archives in england and you should contact them,because they should have names of all members of thePolish FOrces.make sure you spell your gradfathers name properly.good luck! Christopher.
6 Jan 2011 #17
Hi, my father was also in a Russian labour camp, then went to Iran and then to Italy (fought at Monte Cassino, where his best friend Adam, was killed, he was with the British Eighth Army. He finally lived in London where I was born. He died ten years ago. I am still looking for more information on all that happened. If I learn more I will contact you again. Bye, Halina
6 Aug 2011 #18
Hi Tessa,
My grandfather also was sent to a labour camp in siberia and was released during 1942. His name was Mikhail Forgacz and orginally came from Poland. He was taken by the Russians and he was sent to prison for having a rifle which he was repairing (the wooden butt for a neighbour as he was a carpenter by trade). He sadly died a few years ago and was reluctant to speak about anything to do with his time in siberia or his experiences in the war but I would love to know more!!

I will try and have a look at a few of the links above and see what I can find!
Marino - | 1
4 Jun 2012 #19
Merged: Danilowicz and Todz Organisation - WWII Monte Casino

Hi im hoping someone can help me.

My dad died two years ago but did not say anything to us about his war record in WWII, since his death it has come out that he was in the Todz organisation and liberated at Monte Casino. Are there any members of the forum that can give me any details of the Monte Casino camps, were I can find information about hem, or are there any survivors that I could converse with in the UK.

My fathers name was Lutec (Lucjan) Danilowicz, he was born in Warsaw and was told to volunteer for the Todz organisation at 15.

Marino Danilowicz
boletus 30 | 1,366
4 Jun 2012 #20
Organization Todt (not Todz!!!)

Among many other projects, the Organization Todt constructed series of German military fortifications across Italy - from Tyrrhenian Sea on the SW coast to Adriatic Sea on the NE coast. Three of them: Gustav Line, Adolf Hitler Line and Bernhardt Line were constructed around Cassino town and Monte Cassino (mountain) (not Casino!!!) - with the abbey on the top. See the map here:

More details:

There are thousands of sources available about battle of Monte Cassino, including Polish ones. Many of them mention Todt Organization in reference to the German lines of defence over there. But I have not come across where specifically the Todt camps were located, who liberated them and when exactly; well I have not been searching for this info long enough.

I am sure you can find it yourself by patiently googling Monte Cassino, Todt, Gustav Line, etc.
virtutemilitare - | 1
11 May 2013 #21
Merged: Monte Cassino, Italy 1944 - My father was in second squad, second attempt.

My father was in second squad, second attempt. He died extremely ill and unable to document life history, from Białystok, Poland through Russian concentration camp. Was an Ułan, Polish Cavalary before WWII. In II Polish Corp Carpathatian Brigade, also was assigned to be part of guard for Gen. Anders. Is there anyone with similar history?
14 Jan 2015 #22
ryszardsys - | 7
19 Jan 2015 #23
It has probably already been mentioned somewhere on this site, but one place I managed to acquire one hell of a lot of information was via the Hoover Institute (I cannot find the email address of the person I dealt with). They have copies of all of the "Ankietas" or depositions of all those who were captured and held by the Russians - I say "all", I mean many.

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