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Moczulski/Chrobak family tree.

Jayholding 1 | -
31 Dec 2009 #1
Would anyone know of the wheereabouts of the towns Rodatycze and Czarnoroncy Poland but know in the Ukraine. I'm trying to find any Moczulski's or Chrobaks in the Krakow/Cracow area and or Warsaw with our last name. I'm planning a month long trip to Poland in the fall of 2010 but if I don't find these towns or any so-called relatives, I might have to cancel my plans. There must be these families somewhere in Poland or Ukraine. contact me if you know of anyone with these last names or where the towns are that I'm looking for.

Thanks from Ontario Canada.;
\ J.Moczulski
31 Dec 2009 #2
Rodatycze = Родатичі uk
Coordinates: 49°48'0"N 23°31'8"E
Czarnoroncy no such village, check your spelling.

Czarnoroncy Could it be Czerwonogród = Червоноград (Czerwonohrad) if so it’s north of Lwów
Peter 3 | 247
1 Jan 2010 #3
Also known as Krystanopol, located between Lwow and Sokal on the river Bug
19 Jul 2010 #4
There are Chrobak's down in the Zakopane region (in the Tatra mountains). My family came from that area back in the late 1800's. Jakub and Anna Chrobak had a daughter Marya Chrobak who married my GG-Grandfather Andrzej Dziadkowiec. Don't know if there are any relatives still living in the Lesnica and Bialka Tatranska areas but it might be worth your efforts.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
20 Jul 2010 #5
CHROBAK: insect or worm in Polish highlander dialect (standard Polish: robak)

MOCZULSKI: root-word mocz (urine, dampness); probably topo nick from Moczuły or Moczula
5 Mar 2011 #6
hi there, my mum is maiden name moczulski from cracow, if you want contact orzeszek2009@gmail

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