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Missing spelling of Polish towns/villages.

1 Sep 2016 #1
I wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a few towns that are misspelled on naturalization forms my great grandparents filled out. I know they are probably spelled phonetically in poor english, but was wondering if anyone who speaks polish could try and help me figure it out.

My great grandmother, "Zalencka", is said to have been from "ochanki" or "Ochen" that could be her on an Ellis Island form. I also seen that her father was born in Makowo, Poland, not sure if that is true or not.

My great grandfather, Sierzputowski, "Backache, Lomsgnskie."

Thank you for your help.


Whereabouts in Poland is Noverundeski/Nowerundeski?

Polish emigrant to USA stated in 1942 that he was born in 1891 in Noverundeski, Poland. Also described himself as being from Russia. I have scoured old maps and gazeteers but can't find any clues.

Any suggestions?
DominicB - | 2,707
2 Sep 2016 #2
Best guess for "Backache, Lomsgnskie" is Bacze Suche in Łomża powiat in northeastern Poland. See:

And the other is almost certainly Ochenki in Maków powiat. See:

Her father would have been born in or around Maków Mazowiecki, not Makowo. See:

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