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Polish military records 1920 to 1925 in today's Belarus

22 Aug 2015 #1
How do I obtain Polish army enlistment records of approx 1920 to 1925 of my grandfather, who was born in 1905 Szorkine, Sczuczyn, Nowogrodek area, which is now Belarus. I would gather it was the Polish army he was enlisted in during this time.
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22 Aug 2015 #2
Do you have a name of your grandfather? It's the most important part in genealogy search.

Szorkine, Sczuczyn

How did you get those spellings? Such names are very often misspelled and thorough check of handwriting is highly recommended.

Nowogrodek area

Maybe join a facebook group called "Polish Nowogrodek Family Ties" and contact its members:

Edit: I found some info about Szorkinie - Nowogródek province, Lida district, rural municipality of Ostryna

and Shchuchyn / Scucyn (Szczuczyn):
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19 Dec 2017 #3

Obtaining records about my Grandfather's military service. He served in the Polish army, probably in a cavalry


I am looking for records about my grandfather's military service. The family tradition is that before he left Poland in 1934, he was a soldier in the Polish army, probably in a cavalry unit. I have found no documents about this.

Grandfather lived in Pinsk, a town in today's Belarus. I do not have an exact birth date, but have documents stating that he was born in 1900, and others claiming he was born 1901. He left Poland for British Palestine in 1934, with what seems to be a legitimate Polish passport and permission to leave.

I wish to find any document surviving about my grandfather's military service, draft, and how a soldier was able to leave Poland at the time.

My questions is about the Polish Military Archive (CAW). Is that the correct place to search? If so, how do I search it? Do I have to physically visit Poland to do this? I find the information on the CAW homepage in English confusing.

Many thanks,
1 Dec 2018 #4
are any polish army records from 1920s available? i have word of mouth on my fathers service..

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