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Mikilewicz - Birth certificate for great grandfather

Annijela 1 | 1
22 Jun 2013 #1
So I know its terribly hard trying to fins information from Poland pre 1900s but I'm really interested in my family history and am trying to find information on my great grandfather's parents. His name is Bronislaw Mikilewicz born 1895 in Wilna, Poland.

I've read that birth certificates are really hard to get a hold of in Poland so is there any other way I could obtain some information? I don't think we have copies of his death certificate so I can't ring up the consulate either.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you.
TheOther 6 | 3795
22 Jun 2013 #2
born 1895 in Wilna, Poland.

There was no Poland in 1895. Have you tried to find documents dating back to the Russian Empire in the Lithuanian archives yet?
OP Annijela 1 | 1
23 Jun 2013 #3
Thanks; I thought Poland was a constitutional monarchy from 1815 and as they were pretty independent from Russia, they would have kept their own records? However I'll go down that road and see what I can find. Thanks again.
LindaWoskalos - | 11
13 Jan 2014 #4
Yes, it is possible to get records but from the local churches or civil registry...

In my case my embassy confirmed that the records didn't exist. But trying to find my family tree I got the contact with a consultancy company in Warsaw. The Spanish owner was really

nice and explained me that could be possible to create a new birth certificate if we have prove that the person really existed, so we did the whole process like in 2 months.

Here is their contact, maybe they can also help you.

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