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Maria POLLOCK or Mary Polack: Came to USA in 1880's to Baltimore, maybe from Chicago.

Levanna 2 | 5
11 Oct 2011 #1
I am trying to locate my great, great grand mother. She didn't like to talk about her past, so I have limited information. I think Pollock is her married name. I don't know if she was married when she came over. She gave birth to Stella in 1889. Stella married Walter Drzewieski. Stella had relatives in Chicago whom she would visit, so perhaps Maria was in Chicago first.

Thanks in advance for any help. This is like looking for a needle in a haystack!
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
11 Oct 2011 #2
You can start by getting the names right. First of all, the name in the Old Country was probably Polak and got respelt or misspelt in the New World. And Stella was most likely Stanisława. Also Drzewieski does not exist but Drzewiecki is used by some 10,000 people in Poland. And again the first name was probably Władysław, although I have also seen Walter used for Włodzimierz and Wacław. For assistance contact:

genealogy@pro.onet .pl or office @po gen research
Good luck!
OP Levanna 2 | 5
23 Aug 2012 #3
Sorry, Polonius, it took me so long to get back to you. You are correct on every count. My great grandfather's name was Wladyslaw Drzewiecki. And yes, my great grandmother's name was Stanislawa Polak. He was born June 18, 1888 and came through Breslin in 1892. When I find more concrete facts, I'll contact you. Thanks.

Here is more information:

Pawlak, Jan died 30-Dec-1944
John Pawlak immigrated to the U.S. between 1881 and 1882.

John was naturalized a U.S. citizen around 1892. John was employed as a laborer at odd jobs in 1910, in an Electric park in 1920 and in the shipyards in 1930.

wife-Marja (nee Soltysiak) died 25-Apr-1945
Maryanna Soltysiak immigrated between 1880 and 1882.

John and Mary had ten children of which seven survived. All of the children were born in Maryland:

Frances Margaret born on September 16, 1886 (died on January 19, 1973 in Betterton, MD),
Wawrzyniec/Lawrence born on August 10, 1890 (died on December 10, 1929 in Baltimore MD),
Stanislawa/Stella born on April 10, 1891,
Theresa B. born on August 13, 1891 (died on January 17, 1961 in Baltimore, MD),
Antonina/Tenie born on December 30, 1893 (died on November 3, 1973 in Baltimore MD),
Wojciech born around 1900,
Stanislaw/Stanley born around 1903 (died on December 19, 1938 in Baltimore, MD),
Salomeja born around 1905 (died on January 26, 1930).

Thanks for posting.

I have it as Marjanna Solysiak born in Poznen, Prussia on June 10, 1873. I don't know if that is Poznen the city or the district. And as you said, seems like she immigrated 1882, the same year as her husband Jan, but they got married in Maryland.

I would like to find information on Marjanna's mother and father or any of her relatives. Seems like Solysiak might not be such a common name.

Merry Christmas.

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