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Marciniak, Gelitzky, Wohlgemut, Bekier / Dziuba, Janczak SURNAMES.

RalphyCC 1 | 34
28 Oct 2007 #1
Hi, does anyone have, or know of people with these surames?
Mine come from:
Gelitzky from Kociolki in Suwalskie?
Marciniak from Grebow & Staniew in Wielkepolskie?
Wohlgemut from Borkowiny in Suwalskie?
Bekier from Orla in Wielkepolskie?

I'm hoping the spellings are correct, however similar spellings would be most welcome.
Ever hopeful, RalphyCC.
Lukasz 49 | 1,746
28 Oct 2007 #2
Gelitzky from Kociolki in Suwalskie?

I can ask my relative who was born very close from there and knows everybody ... I will write you soon
OP RalphyCC 1 | 34
28 Oct 2007 #3
Hi Lukasz, You are kind,
Thank-you, RalphyCC.
23 Dec 2007 #4
Searching for Marciniak from Tursko, Jedlec, Goluchow who lived there around 1800-1920 and later. At least 2 generations of Marciniak had a beer-pub in Jedlec.
Bernd Plonka. Other names are Dziuba and Janczak. -
YoungPolish1 - | 1
26 Sep 2009 #5
Merged: Searching for Marciniak's

I'm trying to find my families ancestors.
tornado2007 11 | 2,274
26 Sep 2009 #6
How about Artur Marciniak :)
26 Sep 2009 #7
who is this person and is he still alive ? how old is he and where does he live ?
27 Sep 2009 #8

I am doing the same. Can you help?

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
27 Sep 2009 #9
The chance of your being related to footballer Artur Marciniak is that of a snowball's chance in hell. More than 36,000 people in Poland use the Marciniak surname which orignated as a patornymic nickname. Eng. equivalent = Martinson.
Dolly - | 1
6 Oct 2009 #10
Also looking for Marciniak's. Francisca Josephine Marciniak, my great grandmother. Father Rochus Marciniak and Mother Margaratha Rojak. Francisca married Joseph Krauza (Krause) They immigrated tu the USA around 1889. Also looking for Sigmond (Larry) Krause he immigrated with them but returned to Poland around 1921. Where is Sebestyanowo?
expatriot 1 | 23
20 Apr 2010 #11
Im also looking for Marciniak family origins. My Grandfather was Adam Marciniak immigrated to Chicago Illinois. I know he was from warsaw, but thats about it. Anybody help ?

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