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Lost Relatives of Marian Gniadek

Jarapah 1 | -
26 Apr 2011 #1
So far no results have been forth comming can anyone help, my Father is now 86 and suffers from old age problems he was a son of Jozeph and Anastazia Gniadek who lived in the Radlowie area of Krakow and often talked about a Lords big house.

He was born in 1925 and had two sisters and a brother and step siblings.

My father came from Italy in 1947 to a camp on the Scotish borders then moved to a camp near Bambery Oxfordshire, shrotly after that he met my Mother.

They now live in Wigan but spent most of his life in the Ilford area of Essex.

The only other information he gave us was that he spent time in a russian camp in Siberia

Jozeph died in or around 1960 and anastazia when my father was young.

He also thought his Mother may have been Rusian ????

Can anyone help as I dont think he will live for much longer
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
26 Apr 2011 #2
GNIADEK: from adjective gniady (bay coloured = reddish brown, esp. horse); probably a nick for someone with hair of that colour.

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