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Looking for a lost friend (Katarzyna Serwin)?

mregan 1 | 3
1 Sep 2011 #1
I am looking for a friend, she worked in ireland in 2004 in hacketstown carlow ireland , her name is Katharzyna Serwin and her date of birth is 31-7-1983, that is the only information i have, can any one help me find her or wher can i start looking
itjobspoland - | 7
1 Sep 2011 #2

First, try searching for Katarzyna (no 'h' added to name)... There is someone in FB that matches the age average (as far as I can see in the photo, but I can be wrong...). Good luck!
OP mregan 1 | 3
1 Sep 2011 #3
i have already checked face book but that is not her, thanks any way
cinek 2 | 343
1 Sep 2011 #4
checked face book

Try on Nasza Klasa It was quite popular in Poland a few years ago and many folks still have accounts there.

OP mregan 1 | 3
1 Sep 2011 #5
Thanks Cinek
But this site is in polish, is there any 1 out there that has an account on this site ? if so could ye check to see if Katharzyna has an account there for me please, would reli appreciate it

is there anyone who can help me with this .... PLEASE
PWEI 3 | 612
1 Sep 2011 #6
But this site is in polish

Just use google translate on it.
jump_bunny 5 | 237
1 Sep 2011 #7
Nasza klasa search results...
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
2 Sep 2011 #8
SERWIN: Derived from once fairly common, now rarely encountered first name Serwacy (from Latin Servatius). Serwacy is one of the 3 saints popularly referred to as 'ogrodnicy' (gardeners) -- the others being Pankracy and Bonifacy -- whose feastdays fall in mid-May which is often a cold period.
OP mregan 1 | 3
2 Sep 2011 #9
thanks for that information , but that not much good to me, may be the 3 Saints will help me find her.....

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