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Long lost relatives? Błazejewicz, Wiecha.

balrog_99 8 | 11
30 May 2011 #1
My dziadek would often send boxes of things back to Poland. I have no idea as to the contents, but it made me realize that maybe I have some relatives in Poland. I don't have much information, but maybe someone knows something. You don't know unless you ask.

Here is what I know about my dziadek:

name: Mieczysław Wiecha
born: 1925, Lublin, Poland

I'm not sure when he came to Canada. I know there was a family farm in the area of Leamington, Ontario. He eventually settled in Oshawa, Ontario. He passed away in 2005.

Here is what I found out about my great-grandfather:

name: Piotr Błazejewicz
born: 1900, Poland
He arrived in Canada in 1925 or 1926 aboard the Regina.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
7 Jun 2011 #2
From the start of Polish emigration to N. America (mid-19th century) sending relief parcels to relatives in Poland became a widepsread practice. It itensified after the 2 world wars. This could be clothing and various supplies, staple foods and other necessities, After WW2 Polonian travel bureaux had ways of sending buildiogns materials, farm euqipmetn, even live horses to familes in Poland. I doubt if they were sent from the USA, probably transferred from somewhere in Free World mid-Europe.
OP balrog_99 8 | 11
8 Jun 2011 #3
So, this was a pretty common practice.

I know he was doing it at least until the 1990s and maybe even early 2000s.

Thanks for the info.

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