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Locating a place name found on immigrant ship passenger list (Ellis Island). Sochowski / Międzygórze?

donmar 1 | 4
14 Mar 2012 #1
on searching the Ellis Island site ships passenger lists for 1911,I came across a name that might be the ancestor I am looking for.. His last place of residence was listed as Miedzygwent, Austria. Does anyone know where that might have been? I am trying to locate it on a map.
Looker - | 1,097
28 Nov 2014 #2
Unfortunately no place with such name exists in Poland. But probably it's misspeling, if we know the name of your ancestor, or the direct link from ellis island site, we would see a handwritten name of the place and maybe catch the proper one..

The closest names to the Miedzygwent are Międzygórze or Międzygórz, but the other letters may be different yet.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
29 Nov 2014 #3
Certain quirks of American-style cursive like the funny way they make their lower-case "r" and the triple-humped "m" had caused numerous misspellings by Ellis Island immigration officials confronted with fancy European-stye script. This was back when documents were handwritten rather than typed or printed.
OP donmar 1 | 4
29 Nov 2014 #4
Thanks for your help. My family name is Sochowski ,however I believe this was not the original spelling. My grandfather's name on his birth/baptism certificate was Demetrius Soczowskyj, on his Naturizilation certificate his name is Dmytro Soczowski. On old map from the early 1970's I have has the name" Mezhirichi " circled as being grandfather's birthplace.

The names Miedzygwent and Międzygórze both appear on the Immigration passenger list with "Gal".( Galacia) as the state. The handwriting to difficult to read. There is a Dmytro Soczowsky listed who would be about the right age. I am trying to determine if this might be my grandfather and if he possibly immigrated with a brother. There is an Oliksa Sochowsky listed above him. There is no record of this person in Canada and all of the people with the Sochowski name in Canada are related to me. The name is more common in the United States. It would be interesting to find out if some of them could be distant relatives.

Home / Genealogy / Locating a place name found on immigrant ship passenger list (Ellis Island). Sochowski / Międzygórze?
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