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LINDNER - Researching Polish ancestors in Curitiba (Brazil)

21 Jul 2015 #1
My great aunt Eugenia LINDNER came to Brazil around 1910-1922 together with her husband Zongolowics (or different spelling). By 1952 she was already widowed, and passed away around 1955-1961. They were both active in the Polish community in Curitiba. I am looking for any information on either/both. Thank you for any help/information.
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21 Jul 2015 #2
I don't know if Lindner is a popular surname in Brasil, but I see quite a few people with this name on the Google search in Curitiba. Several doctors for instance. Maybe try to contact some with the same question?

According to the another name - 'Zongolowics'? For sure this isn't a proper Polish speling, maybe Zongollowicz/Żongołłowicz? It's very rare but exist in Poland - check the Facebook page.

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