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Genealogy of Lecrenski (or Leczenski) - grandmother Gazda

oregonpolska 1 | 1
10 Feb 2015  #1
Trying to find something about my ancestors, they came to Mass. around 1905 or so. No idea how or just that they came into Mass. Grandfather was John Leczenski, or Lecrenski Grandmother was Barbara Gazda. Does anyone know anything about the surnames, where they may have come from, how it may have been spelled in Polish. I know they lived in Southwick and Westfield, Mass. Help help
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,449
10 Feb 2015  #2
LECZEŃSKI is not used in Poland. Simialr names are very rare - 1 person uses Leczyński, and 2-3 use Lęczyński, Liczyński, Laczyński and the like. The Lecrenski spelling is impossible in Polish.

GAZDA: this arose as an occupational tag for a highland farmer; it's also a well-known surname in Poland.
10 Feb 2015  #3
it could be £ęczeński/£ęczyński (from the town £ęczna)
OP oregonpolska 1 | 1
14 Feb 2015  #4
Thank you for the info on my name search. Now I am really confused, where do I start? On the 1930 census his name was spelled Lecrenski, I know he was born around 1876 and some records say Austria some Poland. He and his wife only spoke Polish, far as I know never was naturalized, never was able to find how he or his wife even came over here. I know they changed surnames and were probably Americanized when they got here just to make it easier for the kids at school. I thought I remember a Leczenski on the mailbox and it is spelled that way on the 1910 census also, but I remember a Leczenski or Lecyenski or somesuch on the mailbox. Give me your best shot as to where to start. Thanks
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,449
15 Feb 2015  #5
I'm sure it wasn't spelt Lecrenski. Americans forget that the Polish letter z in script does not resmeble the numeral 3, but is roughly similat to the handwritten lower-case American r. It must have been Leczenski, although in actuality it probably had some accent marks like £ęczeński. £ęczyński is even more common and probable.
16 Feb 2015  #6
I've researched family from Lviv/Lwow with the last name Lewchanin/Lewczanin. They came over according to ship record and Census prior to 1922. Wonder if the families are the same or completely different???
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,449
16 Feb 2015  #7
LEWCZANIN: from Jewish Levi, hence Levite.
12 Jan 2019  #8
Lewczanin and Lewchanin are the same family, they got their names misspelled at Ellis Island, my great grandfather was a Jewish Rabbi. My mother told me she never asked about him cause her father was told not to talk about it, I wish I knew more
Spike31 2 | 860
12 Jan 2019  #9

This looks like a misspell

Grandmother was Barbara Gazda

Is clearly a Highlander [Góral] surname

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