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Last name Sapeta

16 Apr 2006 #1
I am interested in finding my roots in Poland. My last name Sapeta, some say, doesn't even sound Polish but I know my grandparents came from there. Any Suggestions?
16 Apr 2006 #2
I think "Sapeta" is a very rare Polish surname (actually if someone told me he's Polish and his last name is "Sapeta", I wouldn't have guessed). I didi quick search online and found out there was a priest with this name...
OP ksapeta
16 Apr 2006 #3
Wow a priest. Where did you find this? Is he alive and where is he located?
17 Apr 2006 #4
You might also want to check out this site:
(he is apparently a teacher of German at a seconbdary school)

and here's something more:
a primary school in some little town or village called Radziechowy with the e-mail address of another Sapeta.
17 Apr 2006 #5
I am sorry, I wish I could but I can't read or speak Polish. All my grandparents did on bot sides. By the way, my mothers maiden name is Drysielski. Any info on that name?
3 Aug 2006 #6
Hi there,

My last name is Sapeta and I am 100% Polish. It is indeed a very Polish last name. My parents divorced when I was very young and I lived with my mother after, so I know next to nothing about my father and his side of the family.

I can tell you that it is a fairly common name so I doubt we are related, lol. But there's quite a few people with that last name that come up on a basic websearch, including a number of scientists.

Do you know what city or region your grandparents came from?
5 Aug 2006 #7
"You might also want to check out this site:

(he is apparently a teacher of German at a seconbdary school) "

Hi! My name is Michal Sapeta :) and Jakub is my brother. I live in Radziechowy and my uncle is a prist :P mayby i could help you somehow :) --->
Kerry Adam Tracy
10 Sep 2006 #8
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Hello! My Great Grand Mother is Helen Sapeta. Her marriage licence states that she was born in Warsaw. She was born in 1901 and passed away in 1988. She had a sister Lucy and I think she had two brothers and i know they called the one Teddy. Her parents came to America when she was about two years old and moved to New Jersey. Her mother died when My Great Grandmother was 6 years old and her father remarried a few years later. She said her father was a contracter in Jersey. She had a sister Christine who remained in Poland to care for her Grandmother who was to old to make the trip. Durring world war two her sister was killed at a nazi camp. I think because she helped hide a Jewish child. I think at the time of her death she was married and I would love to find out her married name to get the picture of her on file. I know I have a cousin with the last name Sapeta who lives in New York State. His name is Ken Sapeta. I would also love to know more about the family. I only have men Ken. I would love to meet more of the family and know more about them. If I can help please let me know. My mother knows much more about the family than I do. My email address is KOPATOP@hotmail.

Good Luck!

Kerry Adam Tracy

Ana Sapeta
13 Sep 2006 #9
I have Sapeta on my name...I'm portuguese!
I'm curious about my name because i don't if my roots are really portuguese or from another country, and this name it's not really comon..I found interesting that on my family there are several women named Helena Sapeta and the message in this site says that the Great Grand mother is Helen sapeta!So contact me please!
opts 10 | 260
13 Sep 2006 #10
I know that in 15th or 16th (I think 16th) century,to escape persecution, many Jews came to Poland from Portugal and Spain . Therefore, it is possible that your ancestors came from Portugal and assimilated into Polish society. I do not what percentage of Polish Catholics have Jews roots, but I do know that some had converted and assimilated.
Ana Sapeta
23 Sep 2006 #11
So it's probrable that my name came from poland?Because in portugal i think that there is only one family with this name, and that family is my family!I believe that with wars and other things people change of country and as it says in one of these messages 'Sapeta is indeed a polish name!' i think that i'm descendent of a polish family..and i want to know more about it, if someone can help me i would be very gratefull!

8 May 2007 #12
Hello Ana. My Great Grand Mother's name was Helen Jeanette Sapeta. I think her marriage licence to my Great Grand Father said she was born in Warsaw, Poland. If I can help you at all please feel free to contact me at KOPATOP@hotmail

Kerry Adam Tracy

If the other person by the name of KSapeta is actually Kenny. Then I think he is my cousin.Ana,
My mother as atleast one piece of jewelery from my Great Grandmother. When she had it to a jewelers he said the piece was actually from Spain. My Great Grandmother's parents came to America about 1903 or so. Her mother died not long after arriving. The lived in New Jersey. I know she was the youngest in the family and her oldest sister was killed in a concentration camp in Austria I think. They were not Jewish. They were Catholic. But I was told her sister tried to save a jewish child and was caught and put to death for this. That is how I have heard it anyway. And if KSapeta is Kenny Sapeta I would like to get together with him to see what information we could share. I hear that if you had a family member in one of these camps they will release the information to the family. But I do not know what my Great Aunt Christine's married name would have been. After the war my Great Grandmother received a picture of her sister Christine and her head had been shaved. I have been unable to locate this picture. Again my email address is KOPATOP@hotmail
27 May 2007 #13
my names is joetista sapeta...and my last name sapeta come from the pacific island of niue,however i live in new zealand..good to see sapeta's everywhere.
22 Jun 2007 #14
hello my last name his Sapeta, i live on Pottugal on the Islando of madeira. can anyother Sapeta contact me???? helder28101@hotmail
11 Sep 2007 #15
Hello My name is Antoinette Sapeta from baltimore, Sapeta is a adopted from what I
understand. My great grandfather was adopted during the war by the sapeta's and it was said he was born in Italy. also you might want to try to get a hold of Victoria Sapeta. who stated someone in the family

is a archbishop in Poland
26 Sep 2007 #16
Sapeta means diaper in spanish (huggies, pampers, etc)

Edziolek - | 1
23 Oct 2007 #17
I am from Poland and my name is Edyta Sapeta. Helena was my Great Grandmother. I have some informations about family from my grandfather. In Poland live many people who called Sapeta. If someone is interested pleace contact me
22 Jan 2008 #18

I'm too Sapeta, Carlos Sapeta , my daughter is Helena Sapeta and I Know Ana Sapeta my sister i think :)

In Madeira, isle portuguese, there are some people called Sapeta
Onder - | 1
21 Feb 2008 #19

I had a friend from portugal and her name is Sandra Sapeta.

We met in London 3 years ago.

But I cant find her now.

Could you please help me to find any contact or information about her.

I am in Turkey now.

Onder Sahin

E-mail: onder2441@hotmail
23 Mar 2008 #20
I'm Paweł Sapeta and i'm from Poland too. My family live near Żywiec in Lesna, it is near Radziechowy. There is (in this region) many people withthis last name. So I think that this name has begining i this region, but mayby i'm wrong.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
14 Apr 2008 #21
There are nearly 800 Sapetas in Poland, and the largest single cluster is found in in the mountainous areas of southern Poland's Bielsko-Biała region, "Polish hillbilly country". Its origin may strike some as humorous.
24 Apr 2008 #22
My Grandmother is Sapeta ..born in Madeira Portugal born 1885 went to Hawaii in 1907 then to the SF bay area of California

My Grandmother,s name was Sapeta from Madeira Portugal left for Hawaii in 1907 then to California in 1920
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
24 Apr 2008 #23
There are at several possible sources of the Sapieta surname including: 1) indigenous - from the Polish verb sapać (to gasp, be out of breath), in which case sapieta, sapacz, sapała, sapak, sapaka, sapuś, sapol and probably a few more would be colloquial for gasper (someone who breathes heavily, wheezes, gasps for air, etc.); 2) Indigenous toponymic nickname from such Polish localities as Sapy, Sapice or Sapałówka (Gasperville, Wheezeton); and 3) The Iberian (Portuguese) connection already mentioned in this forum. Occasionally Polish names coincide with those of different nationalities but mean something totally different, eg Posada (in Polish -- a prestigious, good-paying position, in Spanish -- an inn).

It cannot be ruled out that different Sapietas got their name from different sources. There are additional sources of this surname as well.
21 Jun 2008 #24
hi, I am interested of collect some informations, documents, etc. about Sapeta from whole world. If someone can help me please contact
9 Aug 2008 #25
All the Sapeta's I know, and I know a fair few, are from Madeira the small Portuguese Island.
Jay - | 1
25 Aug 2008 #26
Sapeta is a Polish name

My father was from Kraków and along with thousands of others fled Poland when the Germans invaded. He had been in th Polish air force so when he arrived in the UK he and his friends joined the Polish AIr Force branch of the RAF and continued the fight against the nazis alongside Britsh troops.
3 Oct 2008 #27
my name is joana sapeta, and the carlos sapeta it's my father, the Ana Sapeta is my father sister, HELENA Sapeta it's my sister, GUILHERME Sapeta it's my brother.

my family SAPETA, ...
It's weird, in wich of my family generation ther's always an Helena Sapeta, i'm saying this because you people talked a lot about Helena Sapeta, what left me courious...i think this is sime kind of conection or something...

i live in chança, PORTUGAL.
the others in Lisbon and in Castelo Branco.
ONDER - for you i have the contact of sandra sapeta.

i think the name sapeta is latin
sapeta = sapiuns = sapius

joana sapeta
Ewcinka - | 27
3 Oct 2008 #28
There are 918 Sapetas in PL...see the map
13 Jul 2009 #29
I go by Jes Sapeta and am from Western Canada in BC.

Look us up on face book. I'm Jes Sapeta. Anymore from Canada?
28 Dec 2009 #30
Hi I'm a Canadian citizen with the last name of Sapeta and I'm also interested in finding everyone who has the same last name and would like to find out if I may have relatives in other countries. I can also be found on "FACEBOOK" so look up the last name and hopefully a huge background check can be accomplished.

Hi I'm a Canadian citizen with the last name of Sapeta and I'm also interested in finding everyone who has the same last name and would like to find out if I may have relatives in other countries. I can also be found on "FACEBOOK" so look up the last name and hopefully a huge background check can be accomplished.

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