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Kwasny Joseph born 1891 Kalisz area

geneholic 1 | -
12 Jan 2011 #1
I am helping a descendant of Joseph Kwasny who ended up in Illinois, USA.
He was born 9 march 1891 in ?? Osada, Londek, Kalisz, Russia Poland.

This information came from his draft card in 1917/1818. He was age 26 years.

He was a Tailor.

We are trying to trace his parents or any siblings as he did not leave that information in any documents that we have found so far.

I Understand that he would have come from the government area of Kalisz..but where or what would Osada Londek be?
Is the the correct forum for me to ask this question. It is my first posting. Is there other genealogy sites I should post this to.

I unfortunately only speak English.

Thank you
Geneholic in Western Australia
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
12 Jan 2011 #2
KWAŚNY: adj. sour; possibly a nick for someone with a sour disposition (sour puss) or topo nick from Kwasy, Kwaśno, Kwaśniów or similar.
jhzs - | 9
12 Jan 2011 #3
Józef Kwaśny is a very popular name in Poland. Osada, Londek, Kalisz is perhaps Lądek close to Konin:

Osada may mean a part of a village. If this is true you can search for documents in a parish:

Parafia pw. św. Mikołaja Bp.
62-406 Lądek
ul. Rynek 1
tel.0048 63/276.30.67

You should also contact state archive in Poznan Konin branch

Archiwum Państwowe w Poznaniu Oddział w Koninie
62-500 Konin, ul. 3 Maja 78
tel: (+4863) 242-92-77

as, according to a database of holdings of polish archives they have records from Lądek. According to this database also lots of books can be found in an archive of a dioecesis in Wloclawek (although it is now in Gniezno dioecesis):

Archiwum Diecezjalne we Włocławku
87-800 Włocławek, ul. Gdańska 2/4
tel: (+4854) 231-11-12

And finally mormons filmed both state and church archives and you can borrow microfilms from them. Here is a link to their holdings for Lądek:

ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
13 Jan 2011 #4
Siblings could also be named Kwas by now and that is an area of search worth looking into. I knew a Robert Kwas from Wisconsin long ago.
FennecGirl 1 | 2
15 Feb 2012 #5
I will need to ask my family about any relations to a Joseph, but my mother's maiden name is Kwasny and we lived in IL for over 30 years. The rest of her family, however is from PA.

Related: Ancestor Search -- Lyszczek & Kwasna Families

My grandfather was, Andrej Lyszczek, born 1891 in the village of Zglobien, son of Wojciech Lyszczek and Zofia Rog. He came to the USA and married Aniela Kwasna who was from Rzeszow. If anyone has any info on either of these families, please let me know. Thank you!!

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