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Kupka surname

27 Oct 2011 #1
what is the name meaning for Kupka? I'm not sure if it had any accents.
pawian 224 | 24,512
27 Oct 2011 #2
Unfortunately, it has.
27 Oct 2011 #3
a stack (of something)... rural origin, just like thousands of other names
tygrys 2 | 290
27 Oct 2011 #4
kupka has no accents, and it also means poop
27 Oct 2011 #5
poop is a secondary meaning, by and large
King Sobieski 2 | 714
27 Oct 2011 #6
does it mean different things in different regions?

i have always known it to mean ****.
Polonius3 983 | 12,333
27 Oct 2011 #7
KUPKA: small pile, mound or stack (diminutive of kupa); also euphemism for excrement/bowel movement; possibly orignated as a topo nick from such places as Kup, Kupce, Kupin or similar.

Some 2,600 users in Poland, around 1,500 of them in the neighbouring Katowice and Opole areas of Śląsk (SIlesia).
blackadder 1 | 114
27 Oct 2011 #8
Kupka?It means ''Bath'' on Croatian,interesting...I have a Polish born colleague,I'll got to think some witty joke till tomorrow...
Polonius3 983 | 12,333
27 Oct 2011 #9
Yes, probably Polish is the only Slavonic tongue that has the kąp- root meaning bath (as in kąpiel, kąpać się, etc.), whilst all the rest have kup-.
pawian 224 | 24,512
27 Oct 2011 #10
Czech Kupele means Bath....
boletus 30 | 1,361
28 Oct 2011 #11
Kupa ludzi (a lot of men) here, including myself, did not bother to lookup standard dictionaries. But I know that "kupa" also means a group, "skupiać" means to gather together. In this sense it is thought to be a root of "Kupała (deity and Night" - other possible roots of "Kupała" are "to bath" or indoeuropean "kup-" "to desire". And obviously "kupka" in Polish is a diminutive of "kupa".

The word "kupa" was also used to describe irregular military units, plundering the country. The Lisowski's light riders were recruited from such "kupy swawolne". "Kupą, mości panowie!" was their battle cheer.

In Hungarian and Serbo-Croatian it means a cup, a goblet (from Italian "coppa"), in Slovene - a beaker, in Swedish - a hood, a cup (of bra).
28 Oct 2011 #12
Friends, "Kupka" is also a Czech surname! There's a famous 20th century sculptor named Frantisek Kupka.
blackadder 1 | 114
28 Oct 2011 #13
Kupka is a bath.Skupa means to gather together in Croatian...Skupljaè means gatherer,the one that gathers :)

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