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KUCZATY - Help to find Lost relatives

Nicky Patterson 2 | -
11 Feb 2011 #1
Hello I am new to this forum, my father was Polish, he settled in Scotland, after the war.
I was wondering if anyone would have any information on a family called KUCZATY
The lived in the 1960 in a small place called Koncźyce W 223 near Bięlsko Biała or Cięszyn
The Family comprised of
Father was Jośef Kuczaty Mother was Ameila, there wer 3 children, Irena, Roman and Janina
I would be very happy to recieve any information on how to trace or contact them
Thanking you Nicky
jonni 16 | 2,485
11 Feb 2011 #2
The village is called Koncźyce Wielki, 223 is the house number
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
13 Feb 2011 #3
KUCZATY: possibly from Old Polish kucza (hut), hence Kuczaty could have originated to mean hut-dweller

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