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Krzesniak: Another Person Trying to find out about their Ancestry

VAPolishGirl 1 | -
2 Feb 2011 #1
Hi, my Polish/American father passed away when my mother was pregnant with me. Due to some family issues my father's side of my family wasn't a part of my life growing up. I reconnected with my paternal grandfather right before he died so I never got to find out much about my Polish ancestry.

Now I have a son and since I'm a single parent I've passed the Polish name on to him and would like to discover more about the history of my family. I'm also planning a trip to Poland in August with my son and this will be my first time traveling outside the US.

Is Krzesniak a common Polish name? Will it be hard to trace the history? Any suggestions of where to start? Also, any suggestions of what I should see/do while visiting? Obviously I've read of the different attractions/touristy sites to see but anything else that comes to mind would be greatly appreciated.

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
4 Feb 2011 #2
KRZEŚNIAK: misspelling of chrześniak (godson). However Chrześniak does not exist as a surname in today's Poland, only Krześniak. The substuitution of k fior ch is typcial of certian Polish peasant dialects where horseradish is called krzan, rather than chrzan.

About 1,800 users. Biggest concetrations are in Mazowsze's neighbouring Warsaw and Radom areas.
7 Sep 2012 #3
My grandmother's surename was Krzesniak.Do you know from which part of Poland your father was or what was his first name and his date of birth?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
7 Sep 2012 #4
I forgot to mention the Świętkokrzyskie region south of Radom. Quite a few Krześniaks live in and around Ostrów Świętokrzyski.

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