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KRUSZYŃSKI: Looking for a Parish resource

Linda K 3 | 6
4 Jul 2010 #1
Hello everyone! A few months ago, I ran across a site that had records from Polish Parishes, I was checking thru each parish to find any of my ancestors. It was a great site but I failed to bookmark it - what an idiot! I even found a line of Kruszynskis in it that I know now might very well be my family line.

Does this site sound familiar to anyone?
Softsong 5 | 494
4 Jul 2010 #2
Here's something....
OP Linda K 3 | 6
4 Jul 2010 #3
That looks like a great site! It isn't the one I had before but I bet I'll find alot on this one.

Thank you :)
David_18 68 | 982
4 Jul 2010 #4
Kruszyński belonged to 3 different polish clans


I hope this helps you somehow....
29 Dec 2010 #5
I haven't been on this site for a while. Just noticed your post.
I have been using the following site, which is quite helpful

Joe Kruszynski
OP Linda K 3 | 6
3 Feb 2011 #6
Thank you Joe! I did find that site a couple of months ago and there was some great info on it too!

I'm a Kruszynski descendent, I know that my great great grandfather and family lived in Wielka Podles before they immigrated to America.

Is there any chance that you know anything about this line of Kruszynskis?

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