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Krupski name

30 Sep 2016  #31

just some info which may be useful in your search:
KRUPSKI is the mascilane gender of a last name
KRUPSKA is the feminen gender of the last name
DEMKOWICZ wicz in the last name means: son of DEMKO
My mother was friends with a woman by the name KRUPSKA when she lived in SWIDWIN POLAND until 1961 then she moved to AMERICA
I think KRUPSKA/KRUPSKI family were JEWISH.
In post WW ii everyone was cathlic

Dariusz_W - | 2    
21 Jan 2017  #32

Juncewicze is a place in Belarus. There were some people of surname "Krupski", my grand-grandmother Franciszka Krupska married Stanisław Krupski there (they were not related before marriage, I guess they had the same surname by coincidence) and after the WW2 they were resettled to the "reclaimed grounds" in western Poland, to the village called Santok (near Gorzów Wielkopolski). They had two sons, Zygmunt (who was my grandfather) and Zbigniew, both born in Juncewicze, as far as I know. They both married and had families, Zygmunt had enlisted to the police and moved, first to Brzeg (a town near Opole), then to Jelenia Góra (a city near the Czech border) in late 70s. He had two daughters, Jolanta and Ewa, and five grandchildren - Dariusz (myself), Katarzyna, Natalia, Bartosz and Karolina. Zbigniew Krupski died in the 90s, Zygmunt passed away in 2006. Zbigniew's family lives in Gorzów Wielkopolski, he had a wife named Elizabeth, daughter Bożena, granddaughter Sylwia. We've lost regular contact with them after my mother Jolanta, my aunt Ewa and cousins Natalia and Karolina died in 2012 in a car accident. There still lives a widow after Zygmunt - Zofia Krupska, she dwells in Jelenia Góra. I also know of a grandfather's cousin, named Stefan Kulesz, who was also born in Juncewicze and who lived in Wrocław, but I don't have contact with him.

If anyone feels like having common ancestors, e-mail me at:
Dariusz_W - | 2    
21 Jan 2017  #33

By the way, Franciszka Krupska's mother was named Wilhelmina Krupska, she was also resettled to western Poland after the World War II and lived there to the rest of her days, she's buried in Gorzów Wielkopolski. I've also heard from my grandmother Zofia, that there was a branch of a family, that migrated to the US.

I have to add that Juncewicze was placed in the borders of Lithuania before the war, it's in Belarus now. This can be the place you're looking for.
demand - | 1    
18 Jun 2017  #34

In the manuscript of the Roman Catholic Bishop Jan Dlugosz (1415-1480), when describing the Korczak emblem: the ancestors of the Krupskys - Korczakowye, and their nationality and ethnic origin are the Rusyns (Genus Ruthenicum). The first known ancestor of the coat of arms Korczak - Rusyn Krupsky Jerzy (1472-1548 years of life). Many nobles (Poland, Russsia) and clergy are known (both Orthodox and Catholics). After the abolition of serfdom in Russia in 1861, a large number of large-scale commoners of various religions, including Jews. My grand grand father Vasily Krupski about 184x born was from Riga (Latvia), his son Ivan 1879 b. was a participant in the Battle of Tsushima in 1905 on the cruiser "Жемчуг" (Jemchug). They knew Polish and Latvian, but Russian was the main one. Orthodox. There are several photos of the late 19th century, early 20th with them.
Justgivemeaname - | 1    
24 Jun 2017  #35

I started this thread. My name is Elizabeth Krupski. I undertook this journey roughly 7 years ago. Some unseeable force pulls me towards this side of my heritage above all others. There is always a story to be told

Since then, as happens, life gets in the way. Ironically, it was in the midst of an undesperate search one boring evening that I finally found part of my great grandparents story in Long Island. More specifically, my great grandmother and her name variations. These are my great grandparents:

Joseph Krupski b.1896 Poland -d.1879 center moriches, NY.
Anna Krupski b.1902 poland-d.1944 Center Moriches NY.
The mystery left is who is John Krupski listed on my grandfathers ( Dominick) Birth Certificate? Is it a name mixup, or perhaps he passed away and she married a relative of his which was not uncommon at that time. This all a recent for me and huge find.

The rumor of suicide turned out to be correct. I found her obituary which gave name variations.
I will have to search through ellis island records, in the hope I can find a link to discover exactly where they from. Thank you all for your responses over the past few years.

Her obituary:
Birth: 1902, Poland
Death: May 25, 1944
Center Moriches
Suffolk County
New York, USA
Annas maiden name is given variously in the records as

Moriches Woman Suffered Nervous Condition, Shocked by Second Son's Induction into Army, Officials Say

A nervous condition, believed to have been aggravated by the departure of a second son for military service, was given as the probable cause of the suicide last Thursday of Mrs Anna Krupski aged 46 of Montauk highway, Moriches.

The verdict was given by Coroner Grover A Silliman, M D of Sayville, who says Mrs Krupski, mother of six children, had grieved over the fact that a second boy, 18-year-old Albert Krupski, has left Wednesday to report for Army duty at Camp Upton. A brother Dominick Krupski age 26 is in the Navy

Mrs Krupski who had slashed her throat with her husband's razor, according to Brookhaven Town police, was found about 10 am in an outbuilding of the Krupski property by a third son, Edward Krupski, aged 20. Dr Roland W Jones of Center Moriches who was called, pronounced death. Police say Mrs Krupski had been dead about an hour. Sgt Arthur Waldron and Officer William Glover investigated the case.

The only other member of the family home at the time was the youngest child, eight-year-old Frances Krupski.

Police learned that Mrs Krupski had been under a physician's care for nervousness.
Besides her three sons and her daughter, Mrs Krupski leaves her husband, Joseph Krupski, a duck farm worker, two other daughters, the Misses Rose and Helen Krupski, and a sister, who lives in New York.

Born in Poland, Mrs Krupski had lived in Moriches for the past ten years.

On orders of Dr Silliman, the body was removed to Herrmann's Funeral chapel, Center Moriches.

Article was published in The Patchogue Advance on Thurs June 1, 1944 p7
15 Dec 2017  #36

Hi! I have a Krupska/Krupski in my family heritage as well I was told he is from Galicia, and had a daughter named Anna Krupska that married in 1906. I only have two pictures, one of a man named Jakub Krupska (or is it Krupski since that's the male form?), and one of a church I was told was built on their land. I've been trying unsuccessfully to track down my own family heritage and ran across this post. Not sure if there is any relation to the previously mentioned Krupksi's, but it would be nice to find out.

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