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Krupski name

elkrupski 3 | 15
7 Jan 2010 #1
Hello everyone. Well, this is my first post :) I do not speak polish , forgive me!
I am searching for any input on the name Krupski.
My grandfather was Dominick Krupski and he was born to John Krupski and Annie Dzmitkowicz Krupski ( maiden and married name) in Suffolk county newyork in 1918. My grandfathers birth verification letter states that both John and Annie were from Russia but my family has a history of Polish nicknames like " Ski" for my grandpa and my Uncle " Polock". I understand that many Polish reigons were under russian rule around the time they came to the US and I know that upon arrival many names were either misspelled or americanized. I am aware that it could have been Krupksa, krupskya etc...and I find no trace of the name Dzmitkowicz anywhere, I am thinking it was more like Demkowicz. ( Jan Krupsky..etc....Ana Demkowicz...?)

I can gind NO information on either of them, as most Krupski famly tress are of polish decent. I feel like the long lost krupski of someone and I fit nowhere in anyones family tree. Worse case scenerio ---My grandparents were the last survivors of their family and all information was lost with them.

Any information or input would be appreciated!
strzyga 2 | 993
7 Jan 2010 #2
Might you by any chance be related to Nadie┼╝da Krupska? ;)
jonni 16 | 2,476
7 Jan 2010 #3
Could it have been 'Krupskoy' originally?
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
7 Jan 2010 #4
KRUPSKI: toponymic nick for somone from Krupa, Krupia, Krupie, &c.; krupa )= barley groats

DEMKOWICZ: patronymic nick for son of Damian (Demko = Ruthenian endearing form).
OP elkrupski 3 | 15
7 Jan 2010 #5
her father was Konstantin Ignat'evich Krupsky. I believe he was orphaned as a child and can find no trace of brothers or any son who could have passed on his name. So, 99% sure that I am not related to Krupsky.

Thank you for your response however :)
TheOther 6 | 3,598
7 Jan 2010 #6
I assume you have checked already? There are plenty of Krupski (incl. many name variations) in the LDS database - some pointing to the Prussian part of what is now Poland. Maybe you can find some hints by checking the Prussian members of the family. Many settlers from Prussia moved to Russia, as you might now, and you may find a connection.
OP elkrupski 3 | 15
7 Jan 2010 #7
Yes, I have checked many places. Familysearch,, I find no information past my grandfather. It is as if they just disspeared. But you know, I should check again. After staring at the computer for hours my brain starts to fizz and it is possible to miss information.

I might just have to save for a couple months and pay to join a forum. Shame you have to pay to find your roots.
TheOther 6 | 3,598
7 Jan 2010 #8
I might just have to save for a couple months and pay to join a forum.

Nah. Just wait until Ancestry has a trial offer again. Last time I looked they gave away 2 weeks for free. Regarding settlement in Russia, do you know this source already?
caprice49 4 | 224
11 Jan 2010 #9
Annie Dzmitkowicz

There are several Anna Demkowicz registered under
Ed Kroposki - | 3
16 Feb 2010 #10

My name is spelled slightly different from yours. However, it may have been originally spelled like yours. I have knowledge of four different spellings that my grandfather used in USA. And I am aware of an old country spelling.

Also, I am aware from my father that he had cousins on north shore of Long Island. My family is from 50 miles north of NYC. He visited those cousins during the 1930's. Was your family a farming family?

I also have explainations as to why you cannot trace your family back.

From your first post, and other information in the thread I suspect that we may be distantly related.

Ed Kroposki
Greenville, SC
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
19 Feb 2010 #11
No-one surnamed Kroposki or Kropowski in today's Poland. There are a few dozen Krupowskis, however.
f stop 24 | 2,499
19 Feb 2010 #12
I have Krupa in my family..
Ed Kroposki - | 3
24 Feb 2010 #13
Polonius 3,

Krupowski was the way it was spelled on one Uncle's birth certificate.

It may also have been spelled krupskii. I have information from a deceased aunt that is how the name was once spelled or was associated with the family. Potential is that Krupski married Krupowski.

I have followed one family lead to Vilnius in today's Lithuania. Aware of one Krupowski in Danzig who also originated in Lithuania or northern Belarus. I am also aware of several in southern Poland.

My grandfather claimed Polish ethnicity, but likely emigrated from either what today is Lithuania or Belarus. That does not mean that his family did not come from the Krupowskis in southern Poland.

Ed Kroposki
OP elkrupski 3 | 15
10 Mar 2010 #14
Thank you for your reply and I apologize for the late response. I had to step away from the search for a few weeks. It was making me brain dead :)

I got in touch with my Aunt Kathy who lives in Maine. Obviously she is no longer a Krupski as she got married. She sent me some paperwork and pictures of her parents but most of it is for her mothers family. However she did state that one of her aunts ( my grandfathers sister I beleive) is still alive and they call her Aunt Fritzie. My aunt Kathy is not young anymore, neither is AUnt Fritizie but she promised me that she would try to get ahold of her and ask her some questions. My grandfathers family is from Long Island, that is where they settled after they arrived from Europe. She told me he had many brothers and sisters.

I'll be honest. Not one of my close aunts or uncles has any information on the krupski side of the family. My aunt Kathy would be the only one and even than she does not have that much information. Look, my father drank a lot. He used to joke about how we had distant relatives that owned a potato or pumpkin farm somewhere in NY. I never took this to heart because ppl exaggerate when they drink but you never know.

That is all the information I have. Besides the rumour that my great grandmother Annie Dmitkowicz commited suicide in NY.
It is quite possible that we may be distant relatives. I am searching blind here with the hope that one day I will come across someone who says " Hey, that was MY great grandfather too!"....fat chance though, huh? :)
Ed Kroposki - | 3
14 Mar 2010 #15
I do not log on every day. Tracking geneology is a sidestep. And this site has given me fits with accepting passwords.

I am retired and until about 10 years ago just did not follow family origins it because it was not discussed with my generation.

My youngest brother asked some questions after my father died. We do not have much to go on. Another brother searched census records, draft registration cards and ships manifest.

What we found out accurately is that my Grandfather and his brother came over about the same time. Neither cared much about an accurate spelling of their last name. My brother found three different spellings by both of them on same day. So much for knowing correct spelling.

Variations in spelling are probably pronuciation in Polish, Russian, and other languages they spoke into English. Both brothers apparently were fluent is several languages and could get along in other languages.

We have had some luck in tracking the surname Krupowski, but that was only one spelling used. In tracking old names, especially from the part of Poland that was under Russia at that time, you often had Polish spellings, Russian spellings, German spellings, Lithuanian spellings, Byelorussian spellings, Ukrainian spellings, and more variations in translations.

My aunt, now deceased, gave me the spelling Krupskii. And my grandmother also deceased told my brother that Krupski was the real spelling.

No records exists that we can find that go back further than my grandfather and his brother. There is unconfirmed report of at least one sister and maybe more, but no documentation. I did meet members of a family when I was teenager, but cannot locate the girls today or they do not want to be contacted. And since they were all girls, changed surnames.

My father told me more than once of visiting cousins on Long Island. I never followed up when I was young and did not have internet to research the name. Using the Krupski spelling, I came up with Krupski's on the north shore of Long Island which would match his visit to a farm.

I left close proximity of family after high school and only a few years ago tried to track down geneology. I do not speak or read Polish or Russian so I have been limited in what I can find.

I have some other information that I will not post to this site. It explains some reasons why ancestors choose not to tell of origins. You may contact me via a yahoo email: shoaldrafter@yahoo

Ed K
24 Apr 2010 #16
Hello, my mother's maiden name was Krupski. My grandparents were from Poland. I believe my grandmother's maiden name was Grabowski. Any of the names you reference are not familiar to me. Everyone has now passed away for me to ask questions. Hope you find your relatives.
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
24 Apr 2010 #17
Krupski is one of those rare Slavic names that is pronounced almost identically in different languages. Even the Anglos are not really able to Anglo-mangle it too much and will probably say KROOP-ski, although KRUP-ski (KRUP (rhyming with cup cannot be ruled out. Different spellings are mainly the result of transliteration from the Cyrllic. In Russian the name is Крупский (exact Polish transliteration: Krupskij), but normally written as Krupski. The Russian -ий -iy) ending has been transcribed into other languages as either –iy (Krupskiy) or more commonly –y (Krupsky).

Krupowski is most likely a different name. Krupski would probably be or toponymic origin from Krupa or Krupy, whilst Krupowski from Krupowa or similar.
OP elkrupski 3 | 15
27 Jul 2010 #18
Thank you everyone for your response. I actually found John Krupski's WWI draft registration. It has his placeof birth but I can't read it orunderstand it. Maybe one of you could help me out.---ok, well I have to wait to post it untill someone responds :)

maybe that will work
Zed - | 195
27 Jul 2010 #19
Indeed not too clear. But have managed to decipher: Wilejka, Wilno, Poland/Russia

There is a town/villiage name in front of that starting with J. Can't read it though. Wilejka is now in Belarus, while before WWII it was part of Poland. Check this out too:
OP elkrupski 3 | 15
27 Jul 2010 #20
Thank you so much! Maybe someone can dechipher the town for me. Or I can look at a map and figure it out. This really helps out alot. 8 months ago I couldn't find anything about him ( still can't about his wife). I feel like I am getting somewhere :) Good feeling. Maybe I'll finally know where i come from.

JUNKIEWEICZ, Junciweicz ??????
Paulina 17 | 4,445
28 Jul 2010 #21

Perhaps "Junkiewicz"?

Here's a map where you can find people with this surname in Poland:

Annie Dzmitkowicz

Well, could be something like: "Dzimitrowicz":

Or Dziatkowicz (less probable, I guess):

A wild guess ;)
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
28 Jul 2010 #22
JUNKIEWICZ/JUNCEWICZ: patronymic nick from junak, juniec (bold, young lad, soldier, brave recruit, daredeveil, etc.)
OP elkrupski 3 | 15
28 Jul 2010 #23
Well He couldnt have been born in both Wilejka, vilna and Junkeiweicz :) Maybe I have been staring at this too long and I am getting muddled.
Zed - | 195
28 Jul 2010 #24
If you see Junkiewicz (or perhaps another version) then I'd say it is a name of the village. Junkiewicze would be a typical name ending for that region of Poland. Now, Wilejka would be something like a county and Wilno the capital of the then Gubernia (under Russian rule, this corresponded to something like our voievodship). That's my guess as to why you have names of three localities. The resolution of the document is just not too good to read online. Alas!!!

And a few minutes later.......

By the way: Is this your website?

The name of the village most likely would be Juncewicze, and as google earth shows it is in the vicinity of Wilejka :-)
caprice49 4 | 224
11 Aug 2010 #25
John Krupski's WWI draft registration. It has his placeof birth

He was born in Wilno which is now Lithuania. The pet name for Wilno was Wilejka (food for thought).
If could enlarge the photo 150% it might be easier to decipher the rest.

great grandmother Annie Dmitkowicz

There is a Anna Krupska (Krupska is the female version of Krupski) on entering the states in 1909 and with others a brother Josef Krupski & Jan & Wife Weronika Burkewicz. It shows Anna is the daughter of Jan Burkewicz. They were all heading for Long Island. There is also a Jan Krupsky who entered in 1901. The place of birth is given as Segelna Wilno
17 Sep 2013 #26
My great grandmother was a Krupski from the Poland area. Here is her Obituary.

Rome - Mrs. Stephanie Pietras, 69, of 418 Matthew St., wife of Anthony Pietras, died yesterday in Rome Hospital.

She was born in Modrzechow, Poland, daughter of Frank and Katherine Kulik Krupski. She came to this country in 1909 and lived in Oswego and Utica before moving to Rome 52 years ago.

She was married to Mr. Pietras in 1912 in Utica.
Esme - | 1
5 Nov 2014 #27
Here you can write only in English, I had to translate your post for you

Good afternoon participants. I am engaged in drawing up a family tree of Krupski Constantin, Krupski Ivan, Tsarik- Krupska Emilia, Ignatievna Bortkiewicz-Krupska, Felicia-Pelagia - family name Yuntsevich from Vilnius district, Molodechno (Minsk) oblast. Maybe someone is interested in these people since we have relatives in Poland, but we are don't know nothing about them.

05/11/2014 with respect - Natalia Krupska
23 Aug 2015 #28
My maiden name is Krupski. My ancestors on my fathers side came from Germany with names like Otto, Gustav, Ervin and Friederich. I have been researching Krupski name and now I'm not sure if we're Polish, Russian, Belaruse or German.
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
23 Aug 2015 #29

The name is Slavic. Lenin's wife was Krupskaya. It could be nay of those you metnioned, expect indigenously German. The source is the word krupa (groat, cereal grain).
Jim Gilloon
14 Apr 2016 #30
My grandmother's Maiden name was Joan Krupski. Her parents were from Poland. She married Allan Gerald Gilloon who's roots lie in Ireland. I hope this helps.

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