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Kozlowski / Krzysik in the Korczyna / Krosno or Wapiersk / Lidzbark

benk 1 | 5
8 May 2008 #1
I am new to the Forum. I live in Alberta, Canada and I am trying to find relatives in the Korczyna / Krosno area and the Wapiersk / Lidzbark area in Poland. What is the best way to attempt to find them. Thank You
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
9 May 2008 #2
Re locating long-lost relations in Poland, it all depends whether you've got their current addresses or not. If so, you can phone their local government ofice and ask for the Dział Ewidencji Lduności (Populationm Records Section). They will know who is living in their area. If you lack their addresses, than a detective agency is probably the best way to go.
OP benk 1 | 5
18 May 2008 #3
Thread attached on merging:
Kozlowski / Krzysik

Hello, I am looking for relatives in Poland by the name of Kozlowski who lived in Wapiersk until the 1920s and Krzysik who lived in Korczyna until the late 1920s. Thank You for your help.

Thread attached on merging:
Looking for Krzysik, Kozlowski, Jaskiewicz, Rutecki in Poland

I am looking for relatives with these names of potential relatives in Poland. Please help. Thank You
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
22 Jul 2008 #4
I am looking for relatives with these names of potential relatives in Poland. Please help.

are you looking for living or dead, historical or present ?

we need more details. place, date of birth etc
OP benk 1 | 5
28 Jul 2008 #5
I am looking for both dead and alive today
Krzysik born 1904
Kozlowski born about 1889 and 1913
Rutecki about 1888
I domn't know when the others were born. Thank you
3 Aug 2008 #6
I am looking for relatives of another name in Poland, however, I just recently cmae in touch with some relatives of mine who live in the Lidzbark area. As a matter of fact, one of my relatives is married to someone named Kozlowski, and I am certain they ,live near Lidzbark. Please give me more info, and I will check it out for you. Tom
OP benk 1 | 5
5 Aug 2008 #7
Hello Tom, This is my mother's side
Weronika Kozlowski Born – Dec 24, 1913
Town – Wapiersk, near Lidzbark, Poland, Woj. Warminsko - Mazurskie
Father – Jan Kozlowski 1889 – 1958 - Buried in Grande Prairie cemetery
Mother - Mary Rutecki 1888 – 1961 – Buried in Grande Prairie cemetery
Emigrated – 1925 to Alberta Canada
My grandfather Jan and his brother Joe came to Canada and we believe that 1 brother stayed in Poland. Thank You
19 Aug 2008 #8
Hello Benk,
I have a link to this discuss from Tom.
I have a good contact with Him.
I read this all, and I went to my mother. Because I`m too young and I don`t know elder family. I live in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie (about 30 km from Lidzbark)

As I know this town is Wąpielsk near Lidzbark. My mother is not sure, but as she knows we had in there a family. She knows something about family emigrated to Canada. She also knows that her father Joseph Zwolinski sometimes was getting presents from Canada, I even have one Canadian dollar, and I never askes where did it came from. To check relatives I would have to ask my grandma Zwolinska (she lives in Gwizdziny - if it`s true her mother was Kozłowska before married). I`m not seeing her every day. If I`ll know something more I`ll give U a sign.

20 Aug 2008 #9
I hope this helps you out. This is a start. I was looking for my relatives (Zwolinski) and was lucky enough to get in contact with Dezy. He is a distant cousin of mine and is helping me find relatives there in Poland. I believe his great-grandfather and mine were brothers. So, you and I may be distantly related. I didn't know that I had any family in Canada. Good luck with your search. If I can be of any firther assistance, please let me know. Tom.
24 Aug 2008 #10
Hello Benk,
I have news from my uncle Wladek, he said we never had family in Wapiersk. Kozlowscy came form Jamielnik. I know that some of my family is in Canada. When I`ll check it I`ll let U know. If You know something more please write it, so I`ll try to check it. Dezy
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
24 Aug 2008 #11
Lidzbark area in Poland

there are a few Lidzbark's in Poland
OP benk 1 | 5
24 Aug 2008 #12
Thank You for the help.
1 Sep 2008 #13
Hye Benk again,
I saw my uncle Wladek, now he sais that we really had there a family.
I don`t know how to check it out. As I know was Kozłowski and his sister Kozłowska (I don`t remember names - Jan or Józef (Joseph) and sister`s name ?).

If You know something about this family more please write.
And he also sais that we really had family in Canada. He was born in 1933, so he don`t remember everything.
OP benk 1 | 5
2 Sep 2008 #14
Hello Dezy, I have some more information. My grandfather Jan Kozlowski was born May 21,1884 in Zalesia Poland. He and his brother Joseph came to Canada. One other brother was killed in a war. His other brother Francis stayed in Poland. Thank you for the help. Benk

Hello, I am still trying to find relatives in Poland and need your help. Thank You Ben
tess - | 3
6 Feb 2010 #15
I am trying to find the meaning and origin of my great grandmother's name Anna Kozlowski. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
marqoz - | 195
6 Feb 2010 #16
KOZ£OWSKI is a male form, while KOZ£OWSKA is exact form for a female in Polish.

Anyway KOZ£OWSKI has origin in a proper noun KOZIO£ or KOZIE£ meaning a billy-goat or a male goat. But it also could be from a toponym: KOZ£ÓW (16 localities) or KOZ£OWA, KOZ£OWO.

It's quite popular name with 34 204 persons with male form & 38 658 female form. Here you have a map with geographical distribution.
And here you have something about localities wiith names Kozłów (in Polish).
tess - | 3
6 Feb 2010 #17
Thank you for time and effort. Very much appreciated.

My father is Polish and there has been rumor as to some Jewish ties and I was trying to find the truth. I thought that if there was a connection it may be with Anna Kozlowski, my great grandmother. I can see from your reply that this is a very common name and there is probably not going to be an easy way to ascertain the truth.

My father's last name before it was changed was Saczek. His Grandfather was Kazimierz Saczek, I believe this is Polish and not Jewish.

When people move from their homeland I guess forgetting their roots is a common occurence. I am one who likes to have answers as to where I originated so I guess I will just keep searching.

Thanks again for your help
marqoz - | 195
7 Feb 2010 #18
I can see from your reply that this is a very common name [Kozłowski] and there is probably not going to be an easy way to ascertain the truth

Yes, indeed, Kozłowski could have Jewish origin in some cases - all depends, when they left former Poland.

As you may know, Jews in Polish Commonwealth of Both Nations (ie. Union of Kingdom of Poland & Great Duchy of Lithuania 1569-1791) used to speak a German dialect called Yiddish. Jews had by royal privileges far reaching autonomy in laws and ways of live. They hadn't even last names - they used to call each other by first name and reference to father's name. For example: Mosze ben Jakov (Moses son of Jacob).

After the partitions of Poland (1772, 1793, 1795) all the territory fell under the new police order of Prussia, Austria and Russia. Comparing to Polish liberty they were police states. They even wanted (what violence) to list all people, and in order to do that they all had to have last names.

Christians used to have last names. But Jews had none. So then it produced many ad hoc creations made by occupational administrations clerks. Sometimes it ended with quite well sounding last names like Kohen, Schohet (from profession name) or Lemberger, Tarnopoler,
Kozlower (from locality name).
(By the way the clerks were underpaid and found the way to get some extra money. They invented many derogatory or funny names like Pommeranzengelb (Orangeyellow) to force bribes from guys who wanted to escape such an abasement. But many Jews were very poor so their descendants still must grapple with conseqeunces.

But returning to your case. Some guy form the township of KOZ£ÓW, could be presented with the last name of KOZLOWER, KOSLOWER or KOZLOVER.

However, having in mind that all these territories were still under Polish cultural influence, many Jews chose to be a Pole and be a part of local elite. So they changed names to KOZ£OWSKI.

I am one who likes to have answers as to where I originated so I guess I will just keep searching.

Yes. Firstly you must determine when they emigrated and from which part of EE. You can start with They have many immigrant listings form XIX and XX centuries.

Saczek could be SĄCZEK or SACZEK.
SACZEK is a diminutive from SAK = big travel bag (pannier, purse) or purse seine for fishing.
SĄCZEK is for filter, drain but more probably it's from a nasty moniker for a guy who sips or trickle (Polish verb SĄCZYĆ), maybe he was drinking very slowly or even doing all very slowly.

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