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Kośmider ancestors from Harta

14 Sep 2014 #1
I'm looking for any information on Kośmiders living in/near Harta during Austrian rule when it was in Galicja.
My grandfather, Piotr, was born in 1891 and left for the U.S. in 1910.

His father was Wojciech Kośmider. Wojciech's wife was named Katarzyna, with a maiden name spelled in the U.S. records as Bronsovich but which may have actually been Brancewicz. I found all this on the Ellis ISland immigration records and US church records for his marriage in the US.

I've been checking through the online records for the diocese of Tarnów with no success - but Harta may have been in a different diocese. Harta is south of Rzeszów. I'm trying to locate any descendants who may have remained in Galicja.
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14 Sep 2014 #2
KOŚMIDER: scatter-brain (from German Koschmieder); also toponymic tag for an inhabitant of Kośmidry.

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