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Kosakiewicz family / Sochowski

9 Mar 2009 #1
I live in the u.s. but am interested in my families history. My last name is Kosakiewicz can anyone help me.
Peter 3 | 247
10 Mar 2009 #2
You can start off by checking out below is the results for a search on "Kosakiewicz".

Census & Voter Lists 19
13 1920 United States Federal Census
6 1930 United States Federal Census
Birth, Marriage & Death 8
2 California Death Index, 1940-1997
2 Social Security Death Index
2 United States Obituary Collection
1 Florida Marriage Collection, 1822-1875 and 1927-2001
1 Wisconsin Births, 1820-1907
Military 3
1 Germany: Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Records, 1938-1945
1 France: Natzweiler-Struthof Concentration Camp Record Book, 1940-1945
1 World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Immigration & Emigration 77
36 New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
26 Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934 (in German)
4 Philadelphia Passenger Lists, 1800-1945
3 Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935
2 Minnesota Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957
» View all 77 results
Directories & Member Lists 85
64 U.S. Public Records Index
16 U.S. Phone and Address Directories, 1993-2002
3 Canadian Phone and Address Directories, 1995-2002
1 British Phone Books, 1880-1984
1 Poland: Nowogródek Province Business Directory, 1929

You need to put your hands on as much documentation as you can regarding when your Polish ancestors arrived in the US, their correct names at that time (especially if they americanised their names), what town or village they were from, etc. This will help you narrow down your search.
OP joekosakiewicz
11 Mar 2009 #3
Peter, thank you for the input, I wil use this as a starting point, anything else you can think of that might help I would appreciate it.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
12 Mar 2009 #4
Only 299 people in Poland answer to Kosakiewicz which may make it easier to tack down your ancestry. Chances are you are related to all or most of them. At least it's better than being a Nowak (more than 200,000 users) or Kowalski (140,000).

The Kosakiewiczes are widely scattered without any one obvious ancestral nest visible. Larger clusters are found in the Świętokrzyskie Mt area (Kielce) area (77) of southern Poland, in and around Ostrołęka (32) NE of Warsaw, the central cities of Sieradz (32) and neighbouring £ódź area (13) and in the Kalisz area (33) due west of Sieradz. Another 39 reside in and around the inland Baltic port of Szczecin.

Name origin: someone got nicknamed Kosak either because he was associated with a cabbage-coring knife by that name or hailed from the village of Kosakowo. When he fathered a son, fellow-villagers instinctively gave the offspring the patronymic nickname Kosakiewicz.
Peter 3 | 247
14 Mar 2009 #5
Peter, thank you for the input, I wil use this as a starting point, anything else you can think of that might help I would appreciate it.

Best of luck with your searches. Let us know what transpires! From my own personal experience it was well worth the time and expense. I discovered 3 dozen + cousins who I never knew existed.
Piotr - | 1
19 Mar 2009 #6
My wifes maiden name is Kozakiewicz.This the only spelling Ive seen in Connecticut
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
20 Mar 2009 #7
Kozakiewicz (son of the Cossack) is etymologically unrelated to Kosakiewicz although in rapid speech they may sound alike. No wonder you are familiar with Kozakiewicz. There are more than 5,000 in Poland and perhaps another 1,200 in N. America and world-wide, but fewer than 300 Kosakiewiczes.
15 Jun 2009 #8
Hi Joe,

My maiden name is Kosakiewicz and I am originally from Poland (Lodz area), though I now reside in Canada. I'd be happy to help you as much as I can though I think my knowledge is probably quite limited. Unfortunately all the relatives from my father's side have passed away so I will have to rely on my mother's memory.

Please feel free to e-mail me anytime at: mdentfineart@yahoo

14 Jan 2010 #9
Margaret, my name is Szulca Kosakiewicz I live in Australia and am a direct descendant of my father now deceased. Ignatz kosakiewicz, who was born just outside of Lodz 1919. His family I understand had a shoe factory before the war in Lodz. He was taken to Germany in war time as a prisoner.

Are we related?? Do you have any more info on family?
26 Mar 2010 #10

I am trying to find some info about my great-grand father Kozakiewicz Anton/Anthony (of course not sure if my spelling is ok). Originally I am from Belarus but currently reside in Canada.

All my family knows about Anton is that he was originally either from Poland or Lithuania, belonged to a noble family, but got bankrupt and ran away to avoid serving jail time. Eventually he settled down in a small village in Belarus and got married to a local woman – Ekaterina. Their son –Yulian Kazakevich is my grandfather; he was born in 1910 and died in 2001. His first language was Polish (although he spoke Belarusian/Russian too) and he was a catholic.

I was wondering if someone can shed some light on our family mystery. I will very much appreciate any help you may provide.

donmar 1 | 4
23 May 2010 #11
Merged: Sochowski, Kosakiewicz family search

I am searching for anyone related to Dmytro Sochowski (b 1891) or Tekla Kosakiewicz
( b.1893) My Kosakiewicz grandmother was born in Szczurowice, Galicia. I have been unable to find any records or relatives for them. Any input would be greatly welcomed. Thanks
26 Jun 2010 #12
There was a Ukrainian Catholic priest, Father John Suchowski, in Perth Amboy, NJ in the 1940's
14 Jul 2010 #13
Merged:Fr.Frank Kosakiewicz

searching for biographical information on Polish priest named Fr. Franics(Frank) Kosakiewicz died about 1992. He was a possible cousin of mine.
25 Aug 2010 #14
My mother's 2nd cousin was Fr. Frank Kosakiewicz who died in 1992 Toronto...
Would be pleased to hear from you.

Lucinda Kinsall
2104 Crestline Drive
NMashville, TN
USA 37214-2014
MGKonstanty 1 | 1
17 Apr 2011 #15
Is Kosakiewicz the Polish spelling for Konstanty?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
17 Apr 2011 #16
KOSAKIEWICZ: from kosak (cabbage-coring knife); Kosak could have been a cabbage-corer's nikcname and his son would have been dubbed Kosakiewicz; this name has nothing in common with Konstanty; Kostkiewicz would be the son of Kostek (Connie, short for Constantine).

SOCHOWSKI: root-word socha (primitive wooden plough); probably topo nick from Sochy, Sochów or Sochowo.

SUCHOWSKI: root-word suchy (dry); probably topo nich from Suchów or Suchowo.
8 Sep 2011 #17
I believe that these people were my mothers grandparents
Betty Keith
11 Oct 2011 #18
These people are also my relatives. Seitk1 please contact me at and I can give you more info (and maybe get some from you also). Betty
26 Jan 2012 #19
Fr. Frank Kosakiewicz was my uncle.
donmar 1 | 4
13 Mar 2012 #20
to Seitk1
Dmytro and Tekla were my father's parents, my grandparents. I know they came to Canada separately in 1910 or 1911 and married here but I have been unable to find out more. I really would like to know more about the Sochowski side of the family especially if Dmytro came to Canada with another family member.
29 Jun 2013 #21

Hello, my family is also from Szczurowice, my grandfather Joseph Kosakiewicz (b. 1914) Jankiewicz Eve grandmother lived there until 1945 We went to the new Polish, Ukrainians killed the other. Piotr Kosakiewicz
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
30 Jun 2013 #22

If it were from Konstanty, whose hypocoristic form is Kostek, Kostko or Kostuś, then it probably would have been Kostkiewicz. Of course, we cannot rule out a misspelling occurring at the hands of a semi-literate parish priest or village scribe somewhere down the line.
24 Oct 2013 #23
They were my grandparents
16 Aug 2014 #24
Around 1920 my great grandmother was sent with seven of the fourteen or fifteen children in her family to America, and they landed in Canada. Eventually she met a Ukraine man who claimed to have been called "Sochowski". As it turns out, this was an alias, as he was involved in what was most likely bootlegging. He and my great grandmother became married through common law and had two kids who kept the name Sochowski, never knowing their real last name. This last name was stolen from a Polish family he knew, and since he had a double life in either Poland or Ukraine, he could have been part of your "Sochowski" family, though this was a fake last name.
11 Nov 2014 #25
Dear Piotr,

It would be interesting to correspond with you and I would like to find out more about my family. My grandmother was born in Canada. Her name was Rosalie Stefanik/Stefaniuk. Her father was Daniel and her mother was Sophia Kosakiewicz. Both were born in or near Szczurowicze and emigrated to Canada in early 20th century. I have also found the name of Jankiewicz in my family tree. I would like to know more about my family.

I look forward to hearing from you. It would be easier for me to receive or send emails, for anyone reading these emails, to correspond on this website but also to send any information to me on my email swsanderson@gmail

Many thanks,

23 Jan 2015 #26
I posted some information a while ago on my knowledge of our "Sochowski" last name. If you, donmar, could post another comment on whether or not you have any more information on the man named Sochowski who was possibly bootlegging, I would very much appreciate it. It would help with my research on my family. We don't know anything about one half of our entire family tree though we have been digging for almost a century. If anyone else has information, PLEASE contact me by email: skisisters2@yahoo.

Thank you.
K. Sochowska
18 Jul 2015 #27
Witam, nazywam sie Katarzyna Sochowska, moj dziadek to Jan Sochowski mieszkal w Stezycy Nadwieprzanskiej w Polsce. Z moja babcia ozenil sie po raz drugi mial czworke dzieci. Jego syn Roman to moj tata. Dziadek z pierwsza zona mial syna, podobno wyjechali gdzies na Slask, nic wiecej o nich nie wiem. Dziadek Jan mial siostre przyrodnia Marie, ktora urodzila sie we Lwowie okolo 1900 roku. Prawdopodobnie moj dziadek tez pochodzi ze Lwowa, nic wiecej nie wiem. Szukam rodziny, jezeli cos ktos wie prosze o kontakt na e-mail

It's the English thread, so keep to this language please
ismail42 - | 1
10 Sep 2015 #28
Dear Friends,

Please read those words carefully to find some people whose surnames are KAZAKEVICH

I am writing you this e-mail from Istanbul city of Turkey. I am married to a citizen of Azerbaijan and we are married since 2007. Before our marriage my wife said to me that her ethnical roots had come from Poland Jews.

We were discussing recently about history as usual, then suddenly i asked her why she ( or her family ) never did a search to find her roots. According to her words they have almost no official documents and those Jew people are not alive now.

We know those points only mentioned below and i would want to ask you if you get any information or advice to help us to find her far relatives. I found your contact information when i read about Adam Mickiewicz recently because her grandmother of grandmother ( mother side ) is cousin of Adam Mickiewicz and she had same surname.

After they met in Minsk city, Two cousins of Adam Mickiewicz married to two cousins men from Azerbaijan ( i think there was internal war or similar problem with Russia in that time ) and after their marriage they converted to Islam and moved to Azerbaijan . We know Name of first cousin is Eva Kazakecih ,after converting to Islam, her name converted to HAVVA ( Havva muslim version of Eva )

But my wife generation came from other cousin, we do not know her first name but we are sure her last name was Mickiewicz, after converting to Islam, her name converted to Halime. Halime met with her husband ( Vahid Efendiyev) in Minsk city then moved to Azerbaijan ( Probably Sheki city ) but after a while husband arrested and put into prisonerhome and died there because he and his brother (Abid Efendiyev Mamed Oglu ) were businessmen at that time and after Soviet revolution the government wanted to nationalize all but Vahid Efendiyev rejected to give his Money. But his brother moved together with government and was an active member of Bolshevik forces.

Then Halime and all children exiled to Kazakhstan because of his husbands anti communist behaviours ( sent to death but they came back to Azerbaijan later with health, probably at last times of Stalin ) but only one child was exempted from the exiling to Kazakhstan ( Her name was Aziza ) because Uncle father side ( Abid Efendiyev Mamed Oglu 1878-1946 ) of Aziza adopted her to save life of his niece and used his permeation and force at government .

You can see at attachment some pages from a book where his life is told, he was considered as a good Soviet citizen by government because of the reasons I told above. We get the original book at my wifes home in Baku.

Aziza had two daughters Leman and Pike. Leman is grandmother of my wife ( Nigar ). Leman remembers very well singing of her grandmothers and reading poetries in Jew ( or Yiddish ) language and her talkings with Jew neighbours in Baku city. Leman was willing to learn past of her family but always blocked by her mother and grandmother because during Soviet time, searching of ethnical or religious things were dangerous and can get bad reaction by government. Halime and Aziza did not tell details about their Jew roots. So Leman wanted to search independently and decided to start from her grandmothers ( Halime ) marriage but could not find any document at Minsk archives, the officers claimed that all documents were destroyed because of a big burn. Of course she did not believe but could do nothing as well.

But now we want to know the details of reality and want help from you.
The main problem is to find someone in Minsk city to get the marriage document to learn details of Mrs. Halime.
I would be grateful if you can Show us a way to end our search.

Best regards

Ismail Gundogar
6 Dec 2016 #29

We are looking for information or family from Belrus. My husbands grandad was called Micheal Kozakiewicz. Please do get in touch :-)

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