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Korab - Polish coat of arms?

20 Feb 2011 #1
Can anyone tell me what the Korab coat of arms meant if it did mean anything ?
JaneDoe 5 | 114
20 Feb 2011 #2 - In Polish.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
21 Feb 2011 #3
We must bear in mind that heraldry is a whimsical art full of lore and legend rather than an exact science. It is closer to alchemy and astrology thanto chemistry and astronomy. Herladists often dsiagree as to the origin, shape, symbolism and colour schemes of various coats of arms. That having been said, here is a snippet on Korab that I dredged up: KORAB: The Korab (Ark, Boat, Barge) coat of arms depicts a boat with a tower at its center. Conflicting legends place its origin in Germany, England or even ancient Rome. One version contends that the Roman Emperor Justinian (527-65) granted such emblems to his warriors who hade successfully sailed such ships up the Danube into the lands of the Slavs and/or Huns.
SRK85 - | 72
18 Mar 2011 #4
Easy the Korab coat of arms were used by the nobility. The ship probably has to due to with the legend of a Slavic tribe that would raid the ports of the Byzantine empire. Its good to see some other people are interested in the Korab coat of arms. :)
21 Mar 2015 #5
Korab coat of arms is an emblem of ancient Viking boat. The fact that it
has a lion heads instead of a dragon (mostly used by Viking boats)
indicates that has its roots in East Anglia. King Eohric who died around
902 a.d. was the first one who decorated his boats with lion heads.
Veles - | 164
21 Mar 2015 #6
Nothing strange about roots in East Anglia. It is a CoA of English origin.

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