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LOOKING for Kogoska or Kogoski origin around Biezun - came to America @1890

daveusa 1 | 1
24 Oct 2014 #1
I ve been working on my ancestry and having a hard time with my Polish origins due to many spellings of our name - My greatgrandfather and his family and mom came to America in the 1890s and according to Ship Registry, his sister, my great aunt was from Biezun. I know nothing about Biezun, however, the spellings of her surname was Kogoska (on ship ledger) but her brother (my GGF) went by Kogoski so it is very confusing. Any ideas would be appreciated very much. Thanks!
24 Oct 2014 #2
Ending 'ka' usually means that its owner is a woman, and 'ki' means that its owner is a man. However, it's not a rule, but it happens every time when you have ending '-sk' (and you put 'i' for man, 'a' for woman). Thats why this not a mistake in spelling, but two different forms of one surname. They could have been a family. For example my surname is Sokołowska, but my father is Sokołowski.
Looker - | 1,132
24 Oct 2014 #3
Could it be misspelled during that time? No Kogoski/Kogoska registered at present time in Poland. However I found Andrew Goloski who arrived at New York in 1944, according to the Ellis Island page. You mentioned about a ship registry but it is not from there?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
24 Oct 2014 #4
KOGOWSKI: probaby derived from koga (Old Polish for ship) or koga (a cattle disease). The dropping of the "w" in -owski surnames was common among US immigrants as it more closely approximated the original pronunciation. Eg: Makowski pronounced the American way has a "cow" inside, but drop the "w" and you get perfect pronunciation: Makoski. BTW there were "blue-bloods" amongst Poland's Kogowskis.
Looker - | 1,132
24 Oct 2014 #5
However I found Andrew Goloski

Sorry, it should be Andrew Kogoski.
OP daveusa 1 | 1
3 Dec 2014 #6
Thx - however, all my original "kogoskis" arrived to Pennsylvania between 1890 and 1895 as far as i can tell - any that came later- i just dont know anything about em lol. iinteresting tho - my GGF Roman Kogoski is from Biezun I think and I dont know whgere to go from here. His mother the extremely mysterious Mary Kogoski I would assume is from Biezun also. thx dave
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
3 Dec 2014 #7
KOGOWSKI: root-word koga (boat, ship); possibly a nick for a boat-builder or skipper.
For more info please contact me.

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