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Katarzyna / Anna / Ewa Niwelińska - can you help me?

katarzina anna 1 | 3
11 Nov 2014 #1
Good evening everyone, I was adopted by an Italian family in 1990, when it happened I was 5 years, I was born April 21, 1984, but have been separated from my sister named Anna ewa niwelinska, she was born December 18 in 1986 in katowice how can I find it? can you help me?

anna ewa is the girl dressed in blue

  • anna ewa is the girl dressed in blue
jon357 73 | 22848
11 Nov 2014 #2
Hello. It's an extremely rare name making people with it easier to trace online. According to the site I linked to below there are only a very few people called Niwelińska - literally a handful - called either (women) Niwelińska or (men) Nivelińska. Most are in Katowice and around, and most of those few seem to be findable on the first 2 pages of google - just type in Niweliński Katowice and there are contact details for several people. Emailing them might be the best place for you to start.

This might be interesting for you - especially about the exact number of people. Don't forget the 'ń' when you search for either the male or female version in the site below.

BTW, you've spelt it differently in the thread title and the post. Both names exist, both are very very rare and the moikrewni site I linked to shows both in the same area.
OP katarzina anna 1 | 3
11 Nov 2014 #3
Thank you information, unfortunately I only have this information for my sister, this is the only photo I have with her, I would find it absolutely would be a beautiful gift, I think that 25 years. Thanks and best regards

Dziękuję informacji, niestety mam tylko te informacje do mojej siostry, to jest tylko zdjęcie mam z nią, to uważam, że to absolutnie będzie piękny prezent, myślę, że na 25 lat. Dzięki i pozdrawiam

I'm sorry I do not speak good English, I am translating with google translated, I wanted to say that I would find her, it would be a wonderful gift, I am 25 years that I'm looking for, thanks

Please note, English is the language of these forums, thanks.
Looker - | 1129
11 Nov 2014 #4
Have you tried contact the adoption centers in Poland? You may sent them a message with question about your sister:

Adoption Center the Archdiocese of Katowice
(Ośrodek Adopcyjny Archidiecezji Katowickiej)

Society of the Friends of Children Adoption Centre - Silesian Regional Branch in Katowice
(Ośrodek Adopcyjny Towarzystwa Przyjaciół Dzieci - Śląskiego Oddziału Regionalnego w Katowicach)

National Adoption Centre
(Krajowy Ośrodek Adopcyjny)

Regional Centre of Adoption branch in Sosnowiec
(Wojewódzki Ośrodek Adopcyjny Filia w Sosnowcu)
Polonius3 980 | 12278
17 Dec 2014 #6
NIWELIŃSKA: root-word niwa (farmfield, meadow, pastureland); probably a toponymic tag from such localities as Niwa, Niwka, Niwki, Niwiska, Niwnica, etc.
OP katarzina anna 1 | 3
18 Dec 2014 #7
happy birthday anna ewa, my sweet little sister

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