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Jozef Florczyk, Looking for Genealogy help in Goworowo

jf7827 1 | -
20 May 2011 #1
My great grandfather immigrated from Goworowo, Ostrolecki, Poland in 1912. Can anyone help me find more information on him.

Jozef Florczyk, born 1894. brothers Frank and John stayed in Poland (at the time). Father possibly Adam?
Patrycja19 62 | 2,688
22 May 2011 #2
Name: Joseph Florczyk
Event: Military
Event Date: 1942
Event Place: Berea, Cuyahoga, Ohio
Residence: Berea, Cuyahoga, Ohio
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 20 Dec 1894

is this your Jozef?

without knowing what city he went to, I am guessing this would be him and he lived in OHIO?

There are some WWII drafts and prob census , What type of records do you have already?

United States Census, 1920

birth 1894 -Poland
residence 1920 -, Union, New Jersey
spouse: Mary Florczak
children: Edward Florczak, Teddy Florczak

ok I also found this, so possibly he was in New Jersey then moved to Ohio?

I can look better later, I have to work tonight so I dont have much time right now :)

sorry :)
teresa55 - | 46
23 May 2011 #3
see : churche in Goworowo

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