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Janek Lachera - search for Information about my lost uncle

17 Mar 2012 #1

I am new to this website but am trying to find any information any one has of a lost Uncle. We have only just found out that he existed.

We have just found one Uncle Janek's younger brother "Mieczyslaw Lachera" living in Germany. He is an amazing 80 years of age!!!

My Fathers family originated from then "Taubuvka" in the Ukraine. It is now "Holubivka" and is situated inbetween Zhytomir and Kiev.

When the Nazis invaded their father was shot. At seperate times the family was sent to Germany and used for Forced Labour. We understand that Janek Lachera (the eldest brother) went in place of his sister (Michalina, my Grandmother) first as Forced Labour along with 2 other boys from thier village. They escaped and made their journey through Poland. They came across a large farm that they thought they could work on and earn some money to get home and take home. Knocking on the farmers door they were greeted with a German who reported them and they were arrested and sent back to the place of work. As punishment they were put in a cell which was filled with water and their food which was bread was thrown in and they had to eat it soggy. One of the boys became ill so was sent home. This is how we know thier story. From here they were not heard of again. They may have been liberated and returned to find thier families but if they had they were not there.

We have been in touch with the "International Tracing Service" and in time we will know. I hope!!.

He was born in the year 1926. He has a sister Michalina born in the year 1928. A brother Andrej born in 1930 and then Mieczyslaw (Mietek) born in 1932.

There mothers name was Helina Lachera and fathers name was Adam Lachera.
If anyone has any information of "Janek Lachera" or recognises any of the family members names please reply.

Kind Regards


I am posting this on here as I am told alot of Polish Ukranians who were used as forced labour and who did try and return home were often exiled to Siberia. Some returning years later around 1947-1950 were placed in Poland.

I have found links that there are over 80 Lachera's living in Poland today. They may be related. They may be cousins. My Great Uncle at the moment does not remember names of Uncles or Aunts.

The Village that they came from in Western Ukraine consisted of Polish Ukranians apart from a couple of Ukrainians. They were also Roman Catholics.
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18 Mar 2012 #2
LACHERA: known in Poland in this form as well as Lacher; probably from German Lacher (laugher, someone who laughs).

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