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I am interested in tracing any of my Polish-Lithuanian relatives Sadowski

fadows0773 1 | 8
16 Jan 2009 #1
Hello there, I am interested in tracing any of my Polish-Lithuanian relatives. My name is Martin Sadowski son of Feliks Sadowski born in Wilno in 1919. My grandfather was Bronislaw Sadowski born in middle Poland about 1857. He served in the Imperial Russian Guards as a Leutenant - although I was always told he was a Colonel - afterwards he was Mayor of Wilno.

I have alot of information on my father and some on his brothers and sisters too much to list here but as always there is always more to know. My fathers most distinguishing feature was his shortened and scarred left arm where he was shot by a Russian at the age of two.

Please feel free to contact me as I have found that even when I have replied to people with the same name I do not even get a hello.

stokens - | 2
16 Jan 2009 #2
try google "nasza klasa" this is mine of polish people
OP fadows0773 1 | 8
16 Jan 2009 #3
Thanks I shall give it a try.

Tried nasza klasa but I cannot read or write Polska, that I would say is my biggest problem I am sure the info is out there but so many websites are in Polish.
osiol 55 | 3,922
16 Jan 2009 #4
I cannot read or write Polska

Some places such as google can do rough translations of web pages. They're not great, but might be better than nothing.
Seanus 15 | 19,704
16 Jan 2009 #5
I know an Ewelina Sadowska if that helps at all. I know that i changes to a with the gender change.
OP fadows0773 1 | 8
16 Jan 2009 #6
Thanks for that, any idea where she is from? I know my father had 4 brothers and 3 sisters and I believe all the brothers died in the war but not before having children so I must have a fairly large family out there.

The main areas are Lodz, Czestochowa and Warsaw also Wilno in Lithuania and possibly Belarus.
stokens - | 2
16 Jan 2009 #7
Instruction of "Nasza-klasa" I'll use in short NK
At NK click at "Załóż je za darmo" (blue text) - it means more or less register
then fill form
nazwa - your login
imię - name
nazwisko - last name
e-mail - you know
hasło - password
powtórz hasło - repeat password
data urodzin - birth date
konto fikcyjne - fake account yes/no I suggest mark no
and rewrite letters from picture
and tick two empty boxes no worrys they're not charge you any money this is free social webpage and click dalej - next

and thats all you are registered probably if I remember they'll send you some link at your email to confirm registration
on main page choose znajomi - frends and szukaj znajomych - find friends

when you'll be there
there is easy form to fill
› Imię, nazwisko lub pseudonim: - Name, last name or nick name
› Miejscowość: - location for example Kraków
› Płeć: - gender
› Przedział wiekowy: - age range

You don't have to fill all of position one is enough
one more advice try google getionary it is en/pol online dictionary easy to use I hope it'll help you.
If you'll have any questions fell free contact me at PM
hope You'll find what you looking for
Seanus 15 | 19,704
16 Jan 2009 #8
Ewelina is from Silesia.
OP fadows0773 1 | 8
17 Jan 2009 #9
Thanks for all the info I shall get onto the site asap. I shall ask my cousin in Warsaw if we have a Ewelina in the family.

I dare say I will be back with more questions soon. Thanks for all your help.
Prince 15 | 590
18 Jan 2009 #10
Sadowski's family can belong to 3 different coats of arms ( I don't know to which you belong to) .

One of them is mine (Rola coat of Arms).

Sadowski is very good name first know Pole in America was Sadowski

Anthony Sadowski - Polish Pioneer

but he was from Nałęcz Coat of Arms ...
OP fadows0773 1 | 8
18 Jan 2009 #11
I don't know from which coat of arms I belong to, I had no idea there was more than one but I have read about Anthony Sadowski. Any idea how I could find out ?
Prince 15 | 590
18 Jan 2009 #12
Well Sadowski family can belong to different Polish Coats of Arms but if you don't know about your heritage ... I can't help you ...

Here are some famous Sadowski's :


Polish (there are differences)

There is asteroid called Sadowski:

18702 Sadowski 1998 HG68 John Paul Sadowski, 2003 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) winner †

Here is map with Sadowski names in Poland.

(Mostly North East Poland)
OP fadows0773 1 | 8
9 Feb 2009 #13
I just thought I would mention that the surname Sidorowicz from Warsaw is also in our family.
Kathyrdh1 - | 1
18 Jun 2009 #14
Hello ,

My Grandmother's parents (on my father's side) were Bronislaw and Mary Sadowski. They had 2 children, Estelle and Genevieve Sadowski. Estelle Sadowski was my Grandmother. I know they immigrated from Poland, although the details I do not yet know. I am wondering if there is any relation?

I will find out more information from my father as to where they immigrated from (I know it was somewhere in Poland) and when they arrived in the US.
26 Jul 2010 #15
HI, My name is Lech Sadowski, son of Feliks Sadowski (born in 1941). My father was born in Stara Wilejka and lived in Wilno for a couple of years, before relocating to Elk, Poland after the war. My grandfather Stanislaw Sadowski lived in Wilno as well. It is interesting that your father and grandfather lived in wilno at the same time, maybe we are somehow related....

my email is, email me if you want more details.
holly - | 2
10 Sep 2010 #16
Hello !
Please contact me.
Kind regards.
JK_TX - | 23
10 Sep 2010 #17
My Grandmother was Sadowski, this family came from Lipusz and Koscierzyna Parishes in Kashubia and immigrated to Winona Minnesota in 1882.
The earliest ancestor I have of this family is: Franz Sadowski- born about 1787 and died in Plocice 1865...
Feel free to contact me through the PM function if you are related.
holly - | 2
22 Sep 2010 #18
Hello !
My Grandmother was Sadowski,daughter too Kazimierz Sadowski married with (I think) Barszczewska.They lived in Druskinniki or Hoduny.Hi died somvwre between 1939-1944 and have a lot of children,I know about Julia-my Grandmother who emigrate to Poland (she have 3 children Franciszek (Franz)-my father-born4-07-1931/28-11-1999,Maria,Janina),

Olga -she emigrated to Poland-Zawiercie-she hava a son Janusz .
Maria - she live samwere in Lituania or Belarus ,the only children I know about is Gabriel-emigrate to Poland,he have 5 children,Helena-She live close to Druskinniki and have 2 children.

I know about my family who live in Ryga and in Greate Britan,a little moore about my Grandgrandfather.
Please feel free too contact me .
11 Jan 2011 #19
Dear fadows0773, going just by the surname is not a good idea. It's a very common name in Poland, over 17 thousand -- and that's just the males, the females (surname Sadowska) would double that number. You can see for yourself by googling the word moikrewni

and then choosing in the first result the option "Mapa nazwisk" (=map of surnames). Sorry I can't post the link (spam protection).

Better start the traditional way: dad's birth certificate if available, then granddad's birth certificate, etc. When you have the birthplace, you can try to find relevant parish records. It's hard bordering on uphill struggle, but still more promising that sifting through 35 or so thousands Sadowskis in Poland, to say nothing of those maybe in Lithuania.

BTW, your surname means roughly 'of the orchard' (Polish 'sad' = Eng. 'orchard'). You'll probably have learnt that by now, anyway.
Sokrates 8 | 3,346
11 Jan 2011 #20
afterwards he was Mayor of Wilno.

No Bronisław Sadowski was ever a Mayor of Wilno, game over.
4 Feb 2015 #21
Hey, my Name is Leszek (Nick) Sadowki. My father Name is Feliks Sadowski And grandfather Stanisław Sadowski. My father was born in Stara Wilejka, then they moved to Vilnus. Stanislaw Sadowski died during war, actually disappeared... I wonder if there is a family connection here... You can write to me at nick.outwater@gmail
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
5 Feb 2015 #22
SADOWSKI: nickname-tutrned-surname of toponymic origin traceable to any of multiple localities in Poland and throughout the former Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth such as Sady, Sadowa, Sadów or Sadowo. Root-word is sad (orchard), so those places are translatable as Orchards, Orchardville, Orchardton, etc.
22 Jan 2017 #23
Someone here in Fla is selling Polish wwII medals. Belongs to Colonel Stanislaw Sadowski and Sergeant Abrachamowicz.

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