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information on the surname Dubrawski?

daveski 1 | 1
10 Feb 2013 #1
hi does anyone know any information on the surname Dubrawski... i have found out that it belongs to battle cry sas coat of arms but i cant get any information of why and how this came about please help with any information , links or a trusted site. (not a site that wants my cash) . if a noble what title would they be called lords,baron, duke and so on. many thanks..
polonius 54 | 420
17 Feb 2013 #2
DUBRAWSKI: Probably originated as a toponymic tag from the village of Dubrawka in the Lwów area (now part of Ukraine). There were two szlachta (gentry) lines amongst the bearers of the Dubrawski surname who belonged to the Lewart and Lubicz clans.
OP daveski 1 | 1
17 Feb 2013 #3
thank you. I will now look this new information. once again many thanks. dave....

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