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Looking for information on the surname Apfelbaum and afiliated family

29 Sep 2010 #1
My grandfather left Poland as WW2 broke out and i wanted to know if there was any information out there about his family and there life there.

richasis 1 | 420
29 Sep 2010 #2
There may be information about him on some of the Jewish ancestry websites which, I have found, are quite comprehensive.
EDIT: Aside from the better-known sites, Brigham Young University (Utah) has an extended database of searchable records.
Apfelbaum 1 | 2
4 Oct 2010 #3
Thanks for that what sites have you used?..He is From Tarnow if anyone has any information on that town that would be great to.

richasis 1 | 420
4 Oct 2010 #4
Here are a few to get you started. Enjoy your journey! :)
1.) 2.) 3.)
23 Nov 2011 #5
I had a grandfather name Shimon Apfelbaum in Poland. Please tell me who how you are connected to Apfelbaum and I will reply. I am now Len Applebaum and I live in California, USA. My email address is LENCHU@NETZERO.NET.

18 Dec 2016 #6
My grandmother's maiden name was Apfelbaum her name was Pauline Apfelbaum, she was from Brody Galicia / Austria. Her fathers name was Leigh or Leibish Apfelbaum
gumishu 11 | 5,603
18 Dec 2016 #7
she was from Brody Galicia / Austria.

Brody is now in Ukraine - it was however within Polish territory during the Interbellum (i.e between the Ist and 2nd World War)

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