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Information required on Czaikowski family/Danzig?

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6 Apr 2015 #1
I'm looking for relatives and info about their death for these, and wonder if anyone can help?
Florian Simon Czaikowski born 1854? Married to Matylda Treder (Trever?) born 8 aug 1857.
I found Florian Czaikowski in adress book 1927 BABIDÓ£ (Babenthal) so he was alive then.
They had kids: Maria Magdalena 27 nov 1882, Felix Franz 4 june 1884, Margareta 12 des 1890, Paul Simon 12 des 1892, Bernard Rochus 27 okt 1895.
I also found Felix in adress book for Danzig 1938, he and his wife Ida with kids moved to Germany in 1954. I have some more info, but i can't upload here, but please contact me if you can help so i can send all info i know.

It seems like my grandfather was born in Prangenau in nov 1912, he was Johannes (Jan) Czaikowski, he also have lived in Langfuhr. They was catholic i know that, so if anyone can give tip or help me, please send me a note.
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6 Apr 2015 #2

Probably the name derived from Czajkowski. There's only three people with Czaikowski name currently registered in Poland (interestingly one of them is in Pruszcz Gdański - 10km south from Gdańsk), and up to ten thousand Czajkowski's here.

Check the map:


Danzig is of course Gdańsk now.


Pręgowo Żuławskie now in Poland.


is now one of Gdańsk boroughs - Wrzeszcz.
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6 Apr 2015 #3
Thank you for your reply.
I can only use google for info at the time. I know the old name changed after the ww2.
I have some old document written in German (old style) and Polish, can you/other please help me to translate?

I found relatives in Netherlands, they wrote CzaikowskY, and i know there is most written with J.
How can i get in touch with "Polish Czaikowski's"?
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6 Apr 2015 #4
You can try to message some people with this name registered on the most popular social networking services in Poland:
Nasza Klasa (requires registration) - found couple of people in Poland

The feminine form of the Czaikowski name is Czaikowska. Try that search also.
eg. Facebook:
OP Czaikowski 1 | 2
6 Apr 2015 #5 is only inPolish so it's hard for me....and belive me, i tried facebook a lot 😃 but thx.

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