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Looking for information on the Rachfalski (?) Family- Krakow - late 1800s-early 1900

traciewood 1 | 1
31 Jan 2017 #1

I am doing research on family history and I am having a hard time finding information on my great grandmother's family. Here is what I know (or have been able to dig up)

- Name: Aneila Rachfalski (?)- I have seen various versions of this last name, and am unsure how to spell it.
- Parents- Jakub and Therese (I believe that Therese lived from 1851-1920ish and ancestry listed the death as being in Malopolskie, Poland)
- Immigrated to the US around 1905
-An arranged marriage was set up for her, but she choose to flee to US which angered her family.
-She married Anthony Gotz around 1917 in the USA.

I am seeking information because I have a family photo and I would like to pass it along to the family and also be able to identify those in the photo. I am also seeking to see if I can read any stories on the family as I am trying to work on an extensive family tree for my children. I have reviewed the information on, but fall short in finding any information on my great great grandparents. I would also like to know the correct spelling of the last name.

Any help would be appreciated, I have been working on this for years and would like to progress .
Chemikiem 6 | 2,115
1 Feb 2017 #2



Could be Rachwalska. Whatever the surname is, she is female so it will end in 'a'. Could be that the surname is correct as it is, but it doesn't look right to me, although I'm not Polish. If it is correct then her name would be Aniela Rachfalska.
OP traciewood 1 | 1
1 Feb 2017 #3
I will give it a try. Thanks!

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