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1877, 1921 and 1949 - information on an old family prayer book

ckurp66 1 | 2
31 Aug 2010 #1
My grandma recently passed away at the age of 95. I am 100 percent polish from both sides but cannot speak it. My father and mother speak and understand some polish but ar not completely fluent in the language. I found a prayer book in polish after she passed. My dad says it is a book of prayers. It is entitled wyborek. Trying to find out exactly what it is and how old. It has three dates in the front, 1877, 1921 and 1949. I find it very interesting. Anyone have any idea about it.
31 Aug 2010 #2
I found 1897 Polish Catholic Prayer Book Wyborek Modłów i Pieśni (number 120538374444), US being offered on e-Bay for $9,99 but nothing more. Sorry.
OP ckurp66 1 | 2
31 Aug 2010 #3
not looking to sell iot it. Just curious about it's history. It is more sentimental than anything.
31 Aug 2010 #4
not looking to sell it.

I know. I just put the name up there so another poster may know what to look for. Is the name of the book correct?
JK_TX - | 23
31 Aug 2010 #5
I also have a similar book which was my Grandfathers. 1949 is probably the printing date and the earlier dates are when the book was also published I presume. Looks to me to be a collection of Bible stories.

My Father told me his Dad was teaching English to a Polish priest and used this book as an aid in translations.
Hope this helps...
OP ckurp66 1 | 2
2 Sep 2010 #6
your probably right about the dates. Thanks for the replies.

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