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Looking for information on family name TOBICZYK

19 Feb 2007 #1
Looking for family members who might be related to Joseph, Walter, Stanley or Sophie Tobiczyk. Came to America around 1917 and settled in Cliff Mine, PA and eventually moved onto Dearborn, Michigan. Looking for family photos.
Patrycja19 62 | 2,686
20 Feb 2007 #2
Katrina I have some Tobiczyk info from holy cross cemetery, and might even have
some baptismals for ya :)

I believe Tobiczyk is also related ( way up there) to my mothers side.
i have also done research on them. I can help some I hope.

join the forum and email me I can help you out. I don't have photos. but will do
my best with the other info :) :)
LoneStranger 3 | 382
20 Feb 2007 #3
It is so emotional that this lovely person keeps doing!... who I can my sis! :)

Family tree making is a very interesting job... but needs alot of patience and true will to know it. Alot of pros and cons... but I guess some people have this goal to find out :).

I wish all of you success! ...

But do inform us here on Polish forums if you discover anything miraculous!...or surprising...or if you reach the prehistoric! :) .... it will be something worth reading!

Life is otherwise....getting boring in Polishforums :(
Patrycja19 62 | 2,686
20 Feb 2007 #4
No, it will get better , you will see :)

or if you reach the prehistoric!


lol. Lonestranger, this would be a miracle to get that far back and know who your
dinosaurs are :)

Thank you for compliment :)

Read email tonight :)

Bringing this back up to top :)
Koach 16 | 128
21 Feb 2007 #5
This is a little off-topic, but is the Holy Cross Cemetery you mentioned the one in Calumet City, IL?
Patrycja19 62 | 2,686
21 Feb 2007 #6
Nope Koach, but there is alot of holy cross cemeteries , mines in Michigan.
if you also need to get records from the cemetery, you can write to them
the only prob with them is, sometimes they wont search without a date of death
which is the reason your searching, so I sum it up to lazy and excuses.

if you need some help locating, I can try, maybe we can find some dates for you
to get you going on the mailing etc :) Let me know.
24 Jun 2007 #7
my husbands grandfather name was Joseph. He came over to Ellis Island about that
time but they stayed in New York Mills , New York
Patrycja19 62 | 2,686
24 Jun 2007 #8
Email me :))) please :) this is so close. some of my grandmothers family was also in New
York.. I think I have a record of one of your Tobiczyk.. matter of fact..more then likely do :))
3 Jul 2007 #9
czesc Patrycja email me please ....
Patrycja19 62 | 2,686
3 Jul 2007 #10
gotcha.. already in the process :)
Zuzalek - | 1
26 Sep 2007 #11
Merged: Tobiczyk, Zuzalek marriage

my great grandfather was Franciszek Zuzalek was born in Kety Poland son of Anton Zuzalek and Magdalena Tobiczyk. any info on this family would be greatly appreciated yak shimash!
katrinakitty52 - | 1
15 Nov 2007 #12

Hi, just caught up with your email...please let me know what you have on the family. Possibly we are related... :-D
21 Jun 2008 #13
I dont know if this is still active or not but I will try anyways. My name is Brent Tobiczyk and my family are all from the downriver area. With as common of a name as Tobiczyk (we all know it isnt) I figured there would be good odds that there is a relation there. Feel free to contact me if you like, btobiczyktobiczyk at yahoo.
9 Jun 2015 #14
my father was john e tobiczyk- his father was joseph tobiczyk born 1886 in Poland
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
11 Jun 2015 #15
TOBICZYK: root-word first name Tobiasz. Tobiczyk originated as a patronymic nickname to indicate Toby's son.
Marcel1990 - | 1
29 Jan 2017 #16

Is John Edward Tobiczyk a WWII veteran which earned a Bronze Star Medal for Valorous conduct in France with the 601st Tank Destroyer Regiment?

Does anyone has a picture of John?
Lori Berdak Mil
7 Feb 2017 #17
Hi, I do military research here in St. Louis, and I have a person in the Netherlands interested in a photo of John Edward Tobiczyk. Can anyone help me, too
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
10 Feb 2017 #18

TOBICZYK: originated as patronymic nickname meaning son of Tobiasz.

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