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Looking for info on the name Guligowski

Linda K 3 | 6
4 Apr 2010 #1
Hi again! This time I'm trying to find info on the name Guligowski. This is another great great grandfather, we believe that he was German but took his step-fathers name. Unfortunately we have no other info on either of his parents.

I'm hoping that with info on this name I can maybe find some records that would tell me more on who he was.

Thanks :)
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
4 Apr 2010 #2
GULIGOWSKI: The -owski ending almost always indicates toponymic origin, however, no locality such as Guligów or Guligowo can be found. The only word in Polish incorporating the first part is guli-guli (also gulu-gulu) a word imitating someone drinking. There is an off-chance that the village drunk might have been humorously dubbed Guligowski. My hunch is that this was a misheard and misspelt version of Kuligowski which is far more common and is traceable to existing places: Kuligów and Kuligowo. Root-word kulig=sleigh ride or a bird–the curlew (properly kulik). So those places might be translated as Sleighton or Curlewville.
OP Linda K 3 | 6
4 Apr 2010 #3
Thanks Polonius3, very helpful info and I have to add, pretty funny too! This might be alot harder to trace any connection to than I thought, but it's a fun story!

Thanks :)
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
4 Apr 2010 #4
On the contrary, only 70 people in Poland are named Guligowski, and their obvious ancestral nest is central Poland's £ódź region (57) with a bit of spill-over into the neighbouring Sieradz area (9). Haivng a rare surname is often a boon to those wishing to track down theri roots.

You would be worse off if your name were Kuligowski (more than 4,000 users with an epicentre in and around the northern city of Bydgoszcz).
OP Linda K 3 | 6
5 Apr 2010 #5
Wow, with all of them in a concentrated area, it should be much easier to find something! Polonius3, you are great!

Some people, like me, just don't have a clue how to trace our ancestors overseas. And I am very appreciative of all help!

Thanks!! :)
Alice Dancing - | 1
8 May 2010 #6
I'm Guligowska :)
and my family comes from Truskawiec and Budzynek.
As I found my surename should be Kulikowski or Kuligowski
but is is a mistake.
So I believe that everyone Guligowski is my family :)
I'm waiting for all oh You on my Gadu Gadu Comunicator
GG 21197430
Spook - | 4
9 May 2010 #7
I'm looking for Margaret Gouskov. I think she is in Rzeszow.
Please help.
Fishka - | 1
13 May 2010 #8
I am also looking for Margaret Gouskov. Till 17th of February she was in £ódź (Lodz) in Poland for sure. Fishka
Spook - | 4
9 Jun 2010 #9
Hello.... My name is Dale Reynolds and looking for Margaret Gouskov possibly in Rzeszow 3 Poland. Can you help? My e-mail
There will be a reward!!!
21 Jan 2011 #10
I am lookng for relatives of Guligowski/Guliguski/Kruszynski..also a Lewey fisher
Spook - | 4
17 Apr 2011 #11
Looking for Margaret Gouskov. She scammed several people here in Ontario Canada. Can anyone help me find her? Possibly in Lodz Poland. Reward!!!!
Contact me at
Thank You,

Fishka do you know??
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
17 Apr 2011 #12
Looking for Margaret Gouskov.

the name appears on facebook
Spook - | 4
19 Apr 2011 #13
Thank You ... I'm checking it out!

Good Day;
I am still looking for Margaret Gouskov. Have you had any luck finding her? Contact me at
16 Nov 2013 #14
I'am looking for my great great grandmother's town in Poland, or where it might have been. Her name was Blanc sarafinski. I'am also looking for my great grandfather's town too, his name was victor kulingowski . can everyone help

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