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Can anyone help me prove two Pilakowski families are related?

diane betts 1 | -
19 Jul 2014 #1
I am trying to prove two Pilakowski families are related.

The first Pilakowski family descends from: Anton Pielakowski (a son born about 1845 to Nicolai and Mariann Pilakowski), and he married Francisyka Robaszkiewicz (a daughter born about 1849 to Stanislai and Constantia Robaszkiewicz). Anton married Francisyka on October 17, 1869 in Iwno, Poland, and they immigrated to the U.S. on April 15, 1873 -- possibly with a brother named Franz Pielakowski. At first Anton and Francisyka Pilakowski lived and worked in Berea, Ohio, and then in 1878, Anton moved his wife and children to a homestead near Posen (Farwell), Nebraska. By the way, the surname is spelled Pilakowski now in America

The second family descends from Kazimierz Pilakowski. He was probably born about 1893 in Murowana Goslina and died about 1974 in Poland. Kazimierz wife was named Helen, and they lived in Murowana Goslina and had four children named Henryk (born 1922), 1 baby died, Julian (born 1925), and Vince (born 1929). Kazimierz Pilakowski, the head of the second family, also had four brothers named: Ignac, Janek, Edmund, and another unknown brother who moved away to Germany. Henryk Pilakowski immigrated to Canada after WWII, but most of his family still lives in Poland.

Note: On the Poznan Project site, another Casimirus Pilakowski married Anna Rosotkiewiczowna at Murowana Goslina in 1834.

I do not know where Anton Pilakowski or Nicolai Pilakowski were born. Many generations from Kazimierz Pilakowski's family have lived in Murowana Goslina though. Can anyone tell us if these two families share a common ancestor? Both families would greatly appreciate help in solving this puzzle. Thank you for your help.
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
22 Jul 2014 #2
PILAKOWSKI: topo nick from one of two localities in Poland called Pilaki: Pilaki Małe in the Biała Podlaska area and Pilaki Wielkie in Masuria.
1 May 2017 #3
Vince is still a live I am his son.

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