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Need help with Latin abbreviations on Galicia baptismal record

maksym 2 | 47
30 Mar 2013 #1
I was wondering if someone could help with a couple of Latin abbreviations that appear on my grandfather's baptismal record. This record is from a Roman Catholic parish in what was then Galicia. I have attached a cropped portion of the record where it has my grandfather's father and his father's parents listed. There is an abbreviation after their names, and I think it's an abbreviation for their occupation. Does anyone have any ideas as to what they are?

6 Apr 2013 #2
I able to read: Martinus - Marcin (lawful son) of Andrea - Andrzej and Catharina (Katarzyna) Mielar?
7 Apr 2013 #3
Hi Maksym!

If you want someone to read the document you should:
- give all the information you already know
- attach as big part of text as possible - it's sometimes hard to read certain words or letters, but it can be easier to do it by comparison with other parts of text

31 May 2013 #4
it most probably is "agr" standing for agricultural or farmer

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