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Help - looking for: Polish artist - Jan Zielecki

Corv1 1 | 4
1 Apr 2010 #1
I am looking for any information about a Polish artist (painter) with the name of Jan Zielecki. The information I have about him are:
• Born 1949.
• Academy studies in Warzaw.
• Married to Danka.
• Children Jan Jacob (born 1977) and Catherine Anne (born 1978).
• Father was engineer and died 1980.
• Mother was rescued out of concentration camp 1945 and was brought to Sweden and returned to Poland 1948.
• He was very active in the beginning of the 1980’ies, with several exhibitions.

I am an admirer of his paintings and want to get in touch with him, but cannot find any leads in Sweden where I am living.

I hope you can help
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
2 Apr 2010 #2
You prolly have already done this, but if not -- try googling Jan Zielecki artysta malarz. You should get a few hits.
OP Corv1 1 | 4
3 Apr 2010 #3
Yes and No. I have googled him a lot before but not with these words. However, now when I have done it seems that it does not get me anywhere closer.

Thanks for your support.
jonni 16 | 2,485
3 Apr 2010 #4
Have a look at this.
OP Corv1 1 | 4
4 Apr 2010 #5
Is there any phone directory in Warzaw where you can find peoples name and number?
If YES, can I look that up on internet?
Thanks again jonni
From Corv1

Hello Polonius,
As I am new to this site, I did not recognize that you are very active in many matters on the site. Thanks for helping all of us that is in some kind of information trouble.

Do you have any other good idea concerning my "Jan Zielecki"?
I am probably one of the biggest collectors of his work, having 16 litographies och 7 oil paintings but never met or talked to the guy.
Any idea is valuable
13 Apr 2010 #6

I can help you with this matter, depending on what you exactly need. I knew him personally and he was a close friend of my family, my Godfather. Please contact me at

danutaz - | 1
13 Apr 2010 #7
I'm Jan Zielecki's wife.
Could you please send me an e-mail:
Kind regards,
OP Corv1 1 | 4
15 Apr 2010 #8
Dear Potatoe,
Do you believe that your comment has helped me in my search for information?

You have just proven that you are a sick person and that you are not good for humanity.
I wish you Good Luck in hell and that you may stay down there and never show your ugly face on earth again.

I am not interested in further help from you.
doctorgrenades - | 20
15 Apr 2010 #9
I am looking for any information about a Polish artist (painter) with the name of Jan Zielecki.

i have information regarding the painter jan zielecki, apparently hes working at bandcdecorators. hope this is of use to you
ladyraisa - | 1
16 May 2012 #10
Hello, I'm from Poland. I have information about Jan Zielecki (John Zielecki). Maybe you already know- He died in 2004. I know this, because my father was very familiar with the younger brother of John (Chrisopher Zielecki, he also died).

p.s. sorry, If I made grammatical error- my english isn't good

Best wishes,
mic1201 - | 1
23 Jun 2012 #11
I have a painting by an artist by the last name of Zielecki, with joined initials before the last name, JW. The signature is almost one word JWZIELECKI. I was living in Los Angeles in the 80s and 90s and the artist gave it to me personally. I was wondering if this might be your husband's work. If I send you a picture, could you tell me if it was his?


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